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Friday, March 30, 2007

5:30 p.m....

"Daddy! I was wishing and wishing you'd be home!!!"

Thursday, March 29, 2007

It's A Thursday List, Ya'll....

Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know...but I am feelin' it today...
1. Easter candy is so fun and all the decor is a total party! WHY does every store have to have a whole presentation of Easter fun at the front of the store? It makes me all festive and I end up buying things like they want you the bag of jelly beans I ate in the car this morning after running. Not my best choice...
2. Sanjaya...oh sweet lord what will happen to this he going to be our next American Idol? Let's pray this doesn't happen...does Howard Stern seriously have that much control over the United States population? Do 13 year old girls seriously think he's hot to trot? He is alarming. Someone needs to get this kid off the stage and fast before I have to see his creepy bug eyes do the phone number symbol one more Tuesday night. God help us all...
3. Tommy is a wild stairs...pointing at everything...and now he's started this new noise I can only describe as "Eeesh." He loves to say "Eeesh." I am not sure, but after much thought and analysis, I think it means, "I think I'll be voting for Barrack Obama. What he lacks in experience, he carries in natural leadership ability." "Eeesh."
4. It was WARM in Michigan 2 days ago. Now, it is COLD. Only here can you have snow boots and sandals in the entryway of your house, all used in the same week. Only here in sweet, sweet Michigan. Que the ghetto blaster: "Yes Michigan..the feeling's forever..."
5. I am getting professional pics done of the kids this Saturday at our house. Tommy's wearing jeans and a navy polo...Lucy in a chocolate brown dress. Haircuts, nail trimmings, sweat-filled clothes shopping, and long conversations with Matt about "the vision" have ensued. Bring it on...

Monday, March 26, 2007

Laughs, Drinks and Eats = Good Times...

The Girl's Weekend was a big success! I did a lot of laughing and relaxing. Those car ride topics did come up, and they didn't bother me too much. Shopping without looking at the watch....Bloody Mary's at 3 p.m....and just hanging out. I made a great mexican dip that everyone raved about. We ate and drank so much that I think I need to drink water and eat lemons all week. I forced people to play games like, "What's Your Favorite." It's sure to bring on a good time. While sharing stories with the girls, I disclosed that I auditioned for Second City when I lived in Chicago with a "head shot" that my friend took of me at my office job. That was a great idea. I wonder why I didn't get in. I also shared that I used to work at The Disney Store at my hometown mall in 1994. Bless my heart in my nude nylons and bobby socks. We were laughing so hard about this at one point that I went into "ugly laugh." Oh you KNOW "ugly laugh"...where you start crying and you can't get it together because you are laughing so hard. So good times...and a very pretty view!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Big Fat Girl's Weekend!

Tomorrow morning, I hit the road with 10 other girls for a fun weekend in Northern Michigan. This should be hilarious...I am expecting a lot of laughs, since this is the "play group crew" with lots of, ahem, "strong personalities" and people who crack me up on a regular basis by just being "themselves."
I am one of two drivers. Matt is kind enough to prepare "The Party Mobile" today with an oil change, full tank of gas, and third row seat set up. We're taking his work car and, of course, it's a big ole minivan with 6 girls in it. Departure is at 8:01 a.m. and Starbucks is at 8:06 a.m. I am currently anticipating the following hot topics while I giggle in the driver's seat:
1. How cute the designer jeans are at Nordstrom's Rack right now, as I sit in my Mossimo's from Target. I love my Mossimo's damnit.
2. How one girl doesn't like cumin and won't eat the hummus someone is bringing but she knows she isn't normal and most people love hummus, especially girls (real sentence I quote from other night on the phone to me).
3. How one girl hates Starbucks and wants to ALSO go to the local coffee shop on the way to the expressway.
4. Who's sleeping with who in beds Saturday night (who snores, rolls a lot, etc.)
5. Who saw who at the gym talking to whoever this week...
6. Who's house recently sold, is getting work done, etc.
7. How much longer we're in the car...
8. Will we have time to meet the other car for lunch? Where is the other driver and I wonder what they're talking about?
9. What stores are in the town we are visiting?
10. Who's getting spa treatments?
I mean, these are life altering discussions!! Hey, at least I'm not cleaning up a one-year old's puke for 36 hours or being followed around by said one-year-old while he whines "maaammmaaa..." all. day. long. I am just sayin'.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It's All About Me Today...

Today is my birthday! I have kids feeling kind of crappy and no major hot plans except a trip to Walmart. Wahooiiee! So, the big 3-3 is here. First day of Aries and sometimes, the first day of Spring!
I have nothing meaningful and profound to say about this age, except that I am now in my mid-30's and not my early 30's (thanks, Sister, for saying it's not until 34).
Tonight, we have a hot date night at my favorite Tapas place in town - really looking forward to that! In the meantime, my 33-year-old self needs to get Lucy out of bed.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Come Play With Me, Mom!

Tommy had his one-year well-baby appointment this morning. He did great, all is well, he is happy and healthy and on his way. This morning he weighed 22 lbs. 12 ounces. Hemaglobin was normal (Yipee! It was low at 9 months. No blood work this time!). We flipped his car seat yesterday and he is LOVING it! He and Lucy now get to sit side by side and they giggle and pass toys to each other. Ridiculous...
This afternoon, Lucy was napping and he was doing his, "Oh thank the sweet lord that whack job girl is out of here and I can touch everything she tries to take away from me and flail to my heart's desire without getting yelled at" routine. He gets all excited when Matt or I sit on the floor with him. So I plopped down and smiled at him. He saw me, crawled over to his ball, sat down, and proceeded to smile and roll it the ball to me. I rolled it back. And then I realized, this is kind of the first time Tommy has really intiated on his own, "Come play with me, Mom!" and we just started playing together. Anyway, it was really cute and I enjoyed him starting the fun!

In other news...some Lucy antics for your laughter and enjoyment...

At the dinner table the other night...
Lucy: "I don't like cheese!"
Matt: "Why not?"
Lucy: "It makes me angry!"
Matt: "Why does cheese randomly make you angry?"
Lucy: "Because it makes me thirsty."
Because..I mean...who doesn't get furious at the sensation of thirst?

On the swing in our backyard...about 35 degrees and NOT WARM OUTSIDE...
Lucy, out of the blue: "I am not shivering!"
Me: "Okey doke Luce..."
Lucy: "I do not want my hat and gloves..."
Me: "O.k. I won't get them."
Lucy: "Umm..can we go inside?"

And the always encouraging words...

Matt brushing his teeth...
"Great brushing, Dad! I'm proud of you!"

Me peeing...
"You are a grown up, Mom!"

This morning on a run...
"You're strong, Mom!"

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Erin Go Bragh...Tomma Shamma Lamma!

Some Decor....

Proud Mom and Dad...

Playing Around...

Yum...Good Birthday...

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Happy Birthday to Our Sweet Thomas Daniel...

As we near your big day on Saturday, I wanted you to know how fun this past year has been getting to know you. You are the most interesting have a personality and a sparkle in your eye that is all your own. You are sweet, loving, patient, easy-going, smart, funny, silly, active, curious, and just a joy to be around. It is so fun having you as part of this crazy family. Happy Birthday sweet boy. We look forward to what year #2 will bring as we get to know you even more.
Love, Mom

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Loving Each Other...

I'm not sure I really shared with people the sheer terror in my body when I found out I was going to have two kids only 21 months apart. It was not part of our "plan" and we, by nature, are the "planning type." There I stood, staring at my 13 month old with two lines on a pregnancy stick...I was shaking and started to cry. I feel like I want to apologize to Tommy as he will someday read this, but it really was my first, honest reaction. On day #1. Over the next 9 months, I started to get used to the idea. The fear was still always in my mind, but I tried to stay calm and practical and take advice (good and bad) and brace myself for all hell to break loose. Tommy came...all hell did not break loose. My 10 hours of sleep a night did stop but come on...who needs it.
It's been the most active, busy and hardest-working year of my life. But it's all been worth it. People ask me now if I could have done it differently, would I have. I say, "No way." It was perfect for us. Lucy was too young to really understand what was going on. Tommy was a dream infant. It was pretty uneventful.
This morning I was driving the kid's home from Lucy's school. I heard them giggling together and turned around to see what was going on. They each had their arms stretched out to each other and they were holding hands and smiling.
Greatest moment #563.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

And Now, the Unveiling of the New Basement...

Below you will see some before and after photos. We are pretty happy with how it all turned out. We have a half bath, and a ton of space. We are looking for a pull-out couch for guests to sleep and a place for adults to sit.
We had friends over this weekend!
And family!
And many children!
It never felt cramped once!
Space was not an issue!
Everyone seemed to enjoy it!
Lucy loved it the most proclaiming on Saturday morning, "This is the coolest basement! I love it!" Although, she was so in awe of my sister's luxurious long blond hair and glasses that I am not sure she noticed much except for what "E.E." was doing all weekend.
The extra space was much needed and shall now be much enjoyed. Especially this Saturday for our St. Patrick's Day First Birthday Celebration for our Tommy. There will be 26 adults, 11 toddlers and 6 babies and I think we will all fit just fine. Ahhhh....and breathe...

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Thoughts on a Perfect Morning Run...

This morning was a perfect "feeling springy" morning around here. Those of you in the South will laugh, but it was 40 before 9 a.m. and for Michigan, that is straight up BALMY on March 10th! So I headed out for a much anticipated run around the lake. I say this, because with my treadmill in the garage because of the basement, and the weather having been so crappy lately, my old pal Billy Blanks (Taebo dude) was REALLY getting old and it's just not the same. So my iPod was jamming and I was feeling great.
I was laughing to myself thinking, "Since when does a 5 mile run sound so luxurious to you?" My how things have changed since a year ago...when I was one week from giving birth, walking around dialated to 4 centimeters and 80% effaced, bracing myself for labor at any moment. Oh, and also weighing about 38 pounds more than I am now. And had never really run more than 2 miles in a row EVER.
It felt very freeing today to have worked myself up to running the entire lake, hills and all, and not feeling like it was too tough. MAN does that iPod inspire you to go faster and it really does make time fly. What a genius invention (by the way, I am taking recommendations on good workout playlist songs, please)!
I heard songs that reminded me of my crazy single days in Chicago and then of my "dual income, no kids, carefree" time in Denver. Isn't it funny how a song can take you to a certain time in your life and you can almost "feel" that space and time immediately? It was fun to hear songs that reminded me of those times without kids. I could almost pretend I was that person again, just running and running, free from any responsibility.
And then, I looked at my watch and realized I was almost home. And a part of me got a wave of excitement in my stomach, because I hadn't seen Lucy yet and I couldn't wait to say "Good morning!" to her and give her a hug. When I get home from places, her usual routine is to come running to me smiling and yelling, "Mommy! You're home! You're home!" and it's pretty much the greatest welcome you can get.
I think that maybe what I was feeling this morning was gratitude. Or maybe just the endorphins running through me or the sun getting to me since I haven't seen it in ages. Regardless, it felt like the perfect morning run and I am DARN EXCITED for spring!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

He's Walking to Me, Mom!!!

There have been a lot of happenings over here lately. Probably the most exciting is that Tommy is WALKING! He started taking a couple 4, 6 and 8 steppers over this past weekend. And then...he just started going for it the past three days! Now he is trying to walk everywhere. He's walked across the entire family room quite a few times and pretty much is practicing 24/7. He is so proud of himself - he opens his mouth into a wide smile and takes his little "tippy toes" across the room. When he lands, Lucy and I cheer and clap and he smiles and beams with pride! My little guy is turning into a toddler. It feels strange.
This past weekend, if he walked a few steps in a row, I would call to Matt in the other room "He just did 4 steps!" Well, of course, Lucy caught on to that one, and every time Tommy does anything, she'll run up to me and report, "Tommy took a STEP, Mom!" At one point this afternoon, Tommy walked right over to her and landed in her arms for a big hug. Lucy yelled out, "Tommy just walked to me, Mom!!" She was truly excited about it. One of those moments you wish your video camera was instantly on and in your right hand. Ah well...that's why I write about it, right?
Lucy continues to kill me with the things that come out of her mouth all day long. She's also perfecting some great "looks." Today I was letting the dog in the house and I told her to go lie down and Lucy said, with a squint, "I don't mind her, Mom. It's o.k. She doesn't bother me."
Yesterday at lunchtime, she was testing me by doing something (like refusing her food), and she said, "Mom, did I hurt your feelings?" I mean the kid is 2 1/2 for god's sake.
She's starting to look more like a 3-year-old and it makes me sad. It is going by too fast. She's taller, thinner, and her face has changed a little bit. She has opinions about her hair and clothes now. She goes to the bathroom completely on her own now. But she still kisses on demand and still lets me tickle at any given moment. She still gets cranky if I'm not the one to get her after nap and she still wants to snuggle. And she still buys it when I say with a smile, "Whatever you do...don't get your boots on so we can go on our trip!"
And in other news...the. basement. is. done. tomorrow. It will be like Christmas morning for me tomorrow night when we can actually go down there and bring toys down, let the kids flail, etc. Let's just all pray it happens.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The New "Do"

I actually like it! Now if only I could get professional teeth whitening, a boob job, laser work on my face discoloration, and cellulite pulled out of my thighs, I'd be all set! ha!

A Small Smile...

So yesterday, I stopped to grab a coffee on my way to get my haircut (I enjoy to follow soon). There is a Starbucks inside my local grocery store. I pulled up next to this rough looking car. Inside the car was a woman in the drivers seat and a sleeping infant (looked about 3-4 months) in a car seat in the back. I didn't even really pay much attention as I hopped out, until I realized she was getting ready to smoke a cigarette. As I am entering the store, she and I looked at each other. I was thinking, "She better freakin' roll her window down." I have seen it a couple times and it KILLS me. Rolled up window, smoking parent in the front, babies or small children in the back seat. Ugh...I seriously want to "call someone" on them when I see it. In addition, there was a 5-ish year old little boy sitting next to her.
When I came back out with my coffee, we locked eyes again, and she was smoking now, but with the window almost rolled all the way down. She gave me a small smile and I smiled back. She looked really sad and I wondered what her story was. Obviously a mother, obviously having a rough life, not sure what she was waiting for at the grocery store parking lot...
So why do I tell this story? Because this mom struck me for some reason and I have been thinking about her today. I was thinking that this woman had no idea that I was also a mother..that here I was in my SUV, picking up a latte. What a snobby B---- I probably am. But she smiled at me. Maybe she wasn't making judgement. And I was relieved her window was down. It's still not o.k. to smoke around or near kids. It breaks my heart. But, maybe that was her one respite on a rough day. Maybe her parents smoked around her and she doesn't know anything different. I don't know what I am trying to say...I guess that, when you are a mother, you have some common ground with ALL mothers. I try to be understanding about different parenting styles (I could be better). I try to understand people's backgrounds, thoughts and views. When it comes down to it, I guess we are all just trying to be the best mothers we know how to be, however that looks to you. I kind of wanted her to know that even as I pulled away with my coffee, I know what "bad days" look like and days when you've lost your patience and days when there doesn't seem to be an end. Oh was a moment and I am overthinking, as is typical me.

Monday, March 05, 2007

George Michael...What Do you Want From Me??!!

Over the weekend, I heard "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" three separate times.
What does this mean??!! Is George Michael trying to send me a message? Do I need to wake up earlier? Am I "a go-go-ing" somewhere soon?
I am just sayin'....

Thursday, March 01, 2007

I Know...You Get it...My Kids are Cute...

One of the best compliments I have received as a mom, is when people comment on how happy Lucy is. She is seriously the happiest kid I have ever met. Lately, the happy kid has likened to dressing herself during "nap/quiet time." I will put her to bed and when I get her 2.5 hours later, she will have something completely different on. Like pajamas from the "don't fit anymore/storage" pile in her closet. And Little Mermaid socks. So here she is...with non-fitting jammies and her favorite happy girl.

Another big step for Tommy..he is playing ball with us! I mean the kid can throw the ball right at us! Hilarious...AND he was working on his first art project today...

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