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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Moment's Conversation

Getting out of car after school...

Tommy: "I wish you weren't at school all day so I wasn't missing you so much, Luce."

Lucy (while patting him on the shoulder): "I know bubba...."

Monday, May 23, 2011

Theater Camp: Of Course!

For the past few Saturday afternoons, Lucy has attended Civic Theater Camp. She has been asking if she could be in another play since 101 Dalmations wrapped up at the end of January so I thought this would be fun for her.

In theory, it was everything that Lucy has (in the past) NOT enjoyed:
1. No kids from her school were participating.
2. New location.
3. I couldn't really prep her for what she would do (wasn't sure myself).

What she did was:
1. Always act excited to go and always excited to report back when it was over.
2. Never once acted anxious about the experience.
3. Spontaneously told me she was sad it was over (after her little show on Saturday afternoon).

This experience just FELT different than swimming and soccer and other activities she has half-heartedly tried and not truly enjoyed. No anxious questions leading up to it, no tears, no "I need a buddy" comments. It was 100% her and it felt really good to me to know she just genuinely loved it.

Her kind, young and fun theater teacher gave out "reviews" to each student at the end of the show. Comments included, "Lucy has a great future in theater! So glad she is doing summer camp!" and "She has a great spirit! Kind and respectful to others."

I remembered when I felt this happy for her and proud. It was watching her perform in January! A future in theater may be exactly right!

Monday, May 16, 2011

What Have I Created??

Oh little girl. I have created it, and so I shall enjoy and share this.

Lucy's "To Do" List from Yesterday (note check marks after things were accomplished):
1. Wake up
2. Get Barby set ready
3. Eat breckfest
4. Mack ducky mo (random art project of a paper duck)
5. Watch Phineus and Ferb
6. Get drest
7. Go to gem
8. Get toy run erans
9. Quiet time watch icarly
10. Do art

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Watching Them...

at his last little preschool spring show. Taking it so seriously. Peeking over to me when "Skinamarinky-dinky-dink" starts (it's a special song to us). So proud of his "Muver's Day Pin" he made me and the tower he made with Sam and Jacob to show us.

be so excited to get home and show Tommy she chose a Star Wars book at library class to read to him. As soon as they get home, they hop on the couch, snuggling, and Lucy reads away to him. I leave them alone (sort of) and listen to the adorableness as I start dinner.

at today's baseball game. Watching every thing on the scoreboard...looking very serious. Cheering at everything and too intrigued to take that last bite of hot dog in his hand for 20 minutes. One hand each on Dad and Boppa's legs. Loving it...

call me downstairs to tell me she has something really good to show me but one bad thing. I head to the basement to find she created a "Wizard of Oz" trail for me, complete with a yellow brick road and a fluffy pillow fest to act as the flower patch Dorothy lands in. It ends with a cute sign she stuck on the wall and crayon accidentally left a mark. "That's o.k." I say. "Thanks for showing me and being honest, but I am sure loving all this creativity before 9 a.m.!"

surprise me with their thoughtfulness, sensitivity, kindness, and admiration for each other AND Matt and I.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

What We've Been Doing...

Geez...3 weeks since my last post? Maybe it's because every time I visit this blog to post, I just play that adorable video of my children from 3 years ago over...and over...and over again. Sigh....

And here's some other things we have been doing:

1. Drinking wine, margaritas, raspberry vodkas and soda with limes, and general naughtiness. If this is what SPRING looks like, I could be in straight up TROUBLE by June. Damn you, nice weather equating to fun beverages in my brain!!

2. Having a blast with busy kids. They just did a seven week tennis class that they both loved. Lucy just wrapped up her First Grade Cathechism program. Tommy has moved up to his next level of swimming class...and my plan, my glorious plan of reading magazines at the pool (as opposed to standing in the kid pool in my ugly Mossimo suit, getting splashed by rons) is getting closer. Who are we kidding, I will still be in my ugly Mossimo suit, BUT, while luxuriating on a chair with my magazine.

3. Doing funny work things like evening news reports at a grocery store, "guest bartending" for charities, shooting VIP tours of the new children's farm at the zoo, and getting invited to bring 8 friends down to Leo's for a fancy dinner and to spew our opinions about mommyhood. This job is hilarious most of the time...

4. Preparing for a garage sale. Well, I should say I am playing my game called, "walk around and throw things on the basement table and act like I am totally prepared but secretly haven't organized or priced anything but keep pretending it's far, far away as opposed to one week away but I am not freaking out or ignoring it at all." It's a fun game.

5. Weight Watchers online. It's not working and I am mad. And stubborn. And having a hard time maintaining the plan on the weekends. Could be because of item #1 listed above.

6. Loving the wads of humans we created. They are hilarious people. Seriously, those two crack me up each and every day. I wonder what will become of them...what in the world will they DO with their lives? I can't wait to find out!

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