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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Apparently, I don't like Free Time!

I've been thinking a lot lately about my life. I've had the time, as the kids are back at school and I continue a job search in between laundry, cleaning, shopping and running. I've found myself just a little bit sad, anxious, bored or any combination of the three recently. People are getting on my nerves for no real reason. I feel an itch...that something is around the corner but I'm not sure when it's coming yet. I haven't had this much free time in, well...ever. Low and behold - I'm not crazy about it. I've been pretty lucky. My life has been unusually fun. I'm ready for the next fun thing. No, wait...I'm not just ready - I fully EXPECT something fun to arrive soon. It always has, or I've always made it happen for myself or...I'm lucky. This concept that exciting things are around the corner has been one that I have felt my entire life. For example, I always think I'm going to win things because, well, I win stuff a lot. No, really - I've won two national contests, a college scholarship, and a variety of prizes, concert tickets and awards. I've had opportunities I never could have guessed I would experience I've been flown across the country for work. I've trained thousands of people on good customer service. I've run a website all by myself. I've produced and hosted a television show. I've done a radio show. I've run a marathon. I've done eight straight minutes of stand up comedy with zero experience. I've performed on national television. Something exciting happens a lot. A state championship in basketball. Jobs that were in fun cities just when I needed them (saving the world from a terrible waitress). I married the guy I fell in love with at age 18. I've had two healthy, awesome kids I sort of had a vision of long ago. Well, Tommy was a girl in the vision, but other than that.... I've surmised that THIS is why I've been bugged by the last 30 days of my life being very not-exciting. I seem to conjure up things 24/7...and for this brief period, nothing is really conjuring. I'm learning to sit and listen. I'm doing a lot of reading. But usually, if's only because I'm thinking/researching another exciting thing that could happen. Waiting is hard for me. My sister has a quote she throws out alot (Wayne Dyrer, I believe): "Your head creates your world." I think I have created my world for 39 years. I am so proud of my life up until now, and I 100% believe exciting things are on their way. In the meantime, deep breathing....


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