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Monday, May 20, 2013

What's Happening Today...

Feeling nostalgic with only 12 days left of you guys in third and first grade. Here's what we've been doing lately... Lucy: Loving purses, wallets, inspirational quotes, your hair in a bun with a headband and borrowing my fancy necklaces. You love to go "organize your room" when you have free time. You're playing softball an liking it, when you aren't stuck in the outfield. You love Reese and Lizzy and Olivia W. They are three new friends you made this year that have brought nothing but high self esteem, laughs and fun. It is a relief to see you so happy after last year's girl drama. You work hard at school and expect much from yourself. You are very self motivated. You aren't real good at making your bed or cleaning up your clothes. You still snuggle with me and let me call you Deeta. You love when I am a volunteer at school, Brownie leader and/or driver on a field trip. You aren't embarrassed by me yet, but I know my time is short until having mom around isn't cool anymore so I'm trying to enjoy every second I can get. You definitely have your own style and I am proud that I let you wear whatever feels good to you, even if I'm not crazy about it. You are sometimes so mature, it shocks me. You sometimes still act like a little girl and I love that, too. Tommy: Likes to "check boxes" at school and eager to get your work done and finish the tasks. School comes very easy to you and is basically the filler between recess, which is what you really live for. Kind friend and extremely thoughtful of others - you notice more than most boys your age. You have a little crush on Avery L. You guys play "massage" and "hair salon" and you love when she comes around. You have plans to walk the "Hike for Hunger" together later this week. You manage to still be a great balance of a "boy's boy" and a sensitive soul at the same time. I bet this will serve you well when making friends. You are really bonded to Dad and your favorite weekend activity is watching a game together on the couch. I think you both love this more than anything. You are so darn cute on your baseball pants, I can hardly take it. You still blow me kisses when you head to the first grade line and aren't embarrassed to hold my hand or wave to me yet.

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