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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I'm Back!

Wow...I am back! I can only attribute my lack of posts over the past year or so from not having a home computer and laziness. There! I admit it! With renewed energy and a new computer, I am going to put a better effort into posting for the kiddos. I believe it is so important for them to see where they were at various ages of their childhood, and help me remember it when I am old and gray as well. What's everyone up to? Matt: New promotion at work with more travel that we are all adjusting to. Losing 30 pounds. Getting quotes on new bathrooms at our house. Being the 100% hero to one little boy, Tommy Cavanaugh. Sarah: Started and working on building my business. Have both kids in school all day now. Working on staying healthy, and surrounding myself and my life with the things that make me happiest. Lucy: Extremely hard working third grader. Loving her class, teachers, new friends, and everything in between. Plays softball, basketball and LOVES gymnastics. Auditioning for the play. Being an overall GREAT kid who knows who she is. Tommy: Also excelling as a first grader and a great little reader. Still missing me sometimes and still my little lover. Competitive. Smart. Crazy athlete. Soccer, basketball, football, baseball. U of M. Detroit Lions. Detroit Tigers. His Dad. All the loves of his life at the moment. And...we are getting a DOG! December 23rd!!! Lucy spends most of her time writing a list of dog names. Tommy cares about 50% of his brain about it. I'm semi-stricken about the work load and potty training. I bought Matt a poop-scooper. This is our life as I know it now. Can't wait to share for family moments and "isms" as things go on. Here's what we are looking like these days, minus Lucy's new haircut that is much shorter than this.


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