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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dear Me....

Dear Kind People of the D&W Grocery Store Customer Service Desk,
Thank you for taking pity on a mom dealing with a screaming, tantrum throwing, freshly turned 3-year old boy. The balloons were really swell and I appreciated the effort and assistance in getting my groceries out the door this morning while my son hit, kicked and ran from me. I know you won't believe me, but he has actually never done that before in his life. Ah well...that's what they all say, right?
The PLG mom trying to get out of there alive this morning

Dear Tommy,
If you could go ahead and just tell me now that the next year is going to be a major pain in my you know what, I almost just want to know now. Is this what your 3rd year of life will be like? It has been a terrible week. I want my old, sweet little boy back.
Your PLG mom who just wants to hug you and make your crying stop

Dear Luce,
Thanks for being so great this morning. You put up with all Tomma's antics and were really helpful. Thanks for being my big girl this morning and making my laugh when all I really wanted to do was cry.
Your PLG mom who was so grateful you were so great today

Dear Crabby Old Ladies in polyester leisure suits in the D&W Grocery Store Deli area, eating your cheddar potato soup at 11 a.m.,
I get it. You guys don't have a lot of action going most days. This was exciting stuff. But for the love of god, did you need to stare AND point AND look at us SO appalled and aghast at a child acting up in a grocery store on a random Tuesday morning? Did one of you really have to say out loud,
" you have a mean mom, little boy?"
The PLG mom who waved at you, smiled and yelled loudly (cause I'm 35 now and I can...), "Yep! Take a good look at us, ladies! Good times at D&W!"

The one shining pinnacle of the morning: He just took a 1.5 hour nap.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

"The Terrible Two's" My.....

Tommy turned three last week and let me just say, he has made "a change."
I guess my feelings can be best expressed in a listing of things Tommy has been furious about/thrown fits about/has been put into time-out for over the past week:

Me trying to help pull his underwear up or down.
Me trying to dress him in any way.
Me not responding the .05 second after a request for something is made.
Any idea or thought referencing a NAP.
Any idea or thought referencing BEDTIME.
Any food other than popsicles entering his mouth.
Me driving to fast.
Too slow.
Going the wrong way.
Me not buying more popsicles at Meijers.
Having to get out of the pool.
Having to go to a park and have fun.
Not getting a cat.
Not getting to wear the same jammies for 45 days in a row.
Not being able to play with Ian the .05 second he asks to play with him.
The fact that "Bob the Builder" isn't on a running loop in our house 24/7.

He's really something special, over here.
Good times...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

No Mossimo for You, Young Lady....

And is a time of transition in my life. This is all swell and good and all the things I dreamed of happening in my life are happening in my life! I am happy. But happiness comes with shake-ups, schedule changes, new faces, new things to learn, and help with the children.
And clothes designed by people with names other than "Mossimo."
And nylons.
Forgot what those felt like.
I dragged myself out into the night last night in search of "grown up clothes."
I returned home 2.5 hours later after a lot of sweating in dressing rooms and trying on things I didn't even think about owning just one week ago.
Lined trouser pants?
Heeled brown shoes?
Buttoned-up collared shirts people over 50 might describe as "sharp?"
What is going on with me??
I also came away with another realization:
Dressing rooms make you look like hell.
Dressing rooms make people with a healthy BMI, people who wear a normal size, and people who run 25 miles a week look like they might need to add some of their thigh cottage cheese to Easter dinner.
Again...I ask you...WHAT is going on?
What does a Michigan winter, pale dressing room lights, sweating, and inappropriate socks do to people in dressing rooms?
Make them feel really super duper - that's what.

But I came home with some options that will work for a while.
And I have 8 weeks until bathing suit season.
Thank god our local pool doesn't have terrible lighting, weird mirrors, and some strange smells.
Otherwise, you might have found me hiding under an umbrella with a "Snuggie" draped over me this summer.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Big Weekend in Pictures....

I am exhausted...but worth every minute! Great weekend of celebrations!

Friday, March 20, 2009

A Job, A Volunteer and a Marathon, Oh My!

Tomorrow I turn 35 years old. 35th year is truly starting off with a BANG! I have never had an issue with birthdays. I didn't know how I would react to a major birthday like 35. BUT, this week has made it clear that turning 35 has propelled me to shake up the old routine and reach for some goals I've had for a while now. It has been crazy, but in the end, I am proud of myself and what I have going this year.

I received an excited job opportunity this week - I will be working part-time for a local Mom's website! It will shake up my schedule with the kids and definitely challenge me to be an even BETTER time manager, but I think it's going to be great. I look forward to a new schedule, contributing in a professional way, getting my foot back in the door, and for a little more income on the home front.

The kid's preschool - I have committed to chairing the school's Advisory Board for the next two years. I love the school - the Director and teachers are so willing to hear new ideas and try new things. They truly care about my kids. I can imagine the day I say goodbye to that place will be a very sad one for me...a lot of memories already get me a little choked up. I am psyched to give back to a place I think is so great and help it remain the stellar school that it is.

The Marathon - I signed up for the Chicago Marathon this October. I am trying not to look any further ahead than the 25K this May, but it is exciting and nerve-wrecking! My body is still holding up and I am feeling strong and ready for the runs ahead. A look forward to a "full circle" moment on October 11th, when I am running through the neighborhoods that my young, struggling 24-year-old self used to call home.

So this is what 35 years old looks like for me. I am psyched and ready for all that lies ahead!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Weird Family-isms....

I have to go "pod." (Potty)

"Night-night Unders." (Lucy's pull-up)

"Don't EEEEEven!" (Goofy "threat" that makes no sense)

"Stasto or Stasto?" (Translation: Do you turn the light off or do I?)

"You know better." (Often prompting a response of "I DON'T know better!)

"Never forget." (Another way to say "I love you")

"We're BUSTED!" (Something Tomma and I will yell (while running and laughing) when we are late to pick Lucy up off the school playground.

And I am sure I will think of 560 more before the day is done...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, Little Boy...

My little Tomma,
It is completely hard for me to believe that you are already three. In other ways, it feels like you have always been a part of this family.
You love Spiderman, preschool, cars, "fruit snackies," Phillip, Luke and J at school, your sister, early mornings with just the two of us, and wrestling with dad.
You don't enjoy shoes that don't fit you perfectly, long pants (always must be rolled to floods), vegetables, swimming too far from the edge, and playing alone.
You have surprised me with your continued kindness and patience with a crazy family, loud and emotional sister, and your annoying dog who eats your waffles regularly.
You share, listen well, worry when others are sad, and have a great love of books, songs and practicing tricky moves.
Lately, in the mornings, we have been known to wake up to such sayings from you as, "Daddy...I want to hug you!" or "Mom! I want to say Good Morning!"
You roll with the punches, give hugs 100 times a day, and genuinely love your life and all it's details.
We are so lucky to have you in our family.
The little boy I never knew I would have (I always thought it would be girls).
The little boy who came into this world on a busy St. Patrick's Day night, with the nurses laughing about your future birthdays, filled with green celebrations.
The little boy who I am such buddies with and who I love more than anything on earth.
Happy Birthday, Tommy!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Things I Am Excited About This Week....

1. First dental visit for Tommy - a success! However, it has been made very clear to me that we might have to take a second mortgage out to pay for our children's orthodental (real word?) care sometime in the future. Let's just say the kids don't have real sweet lookin' teeth under those lovely, straight, no space, tiny baby teeth they are currently flaunting.
2. No more pacifier! Fully letting the cat out of the bag, this was my one cross to bear in motherhood at this point. I was a big fat loser who still let Tommy have a paci at night time. It is GONE. No drama, barely any requests, and still napping (most of the time) and sleeping well at night without it! He is OFFICIALLY a big boy.
3. Next week: Big announcement at our preschool meeting (I am being announced as Chair of our Advisory Board), St. Pattie's Day fish and chips date with Matt, Tommy's 3rd birthday, green cupcakes at school, parent/teacher conferences for Lucy, her dance recital and pink roses, my 35th birthday party AND Tommy's Spiderman party! All in one week. Whoa...that just made my heart rate go up. But so fun and exciting! It's my FAVORITE week of the YEAR! No kidding...
4. A real, exciting potential part-time job that would be the PERFECT FIT for me. More information to come soon if all comes to fruition - say a little prayer for me - all 3 of you! ha!
5. My sore hip problem (don't think I mentioned because I was scared and trying to ignore) actually seems to have solved itself. I ran 5 miles in snow about 3 weeks ago and had a really sore hip for about 10 days and thought, "here we go...I am screwed." But I am not screwed! All is well - and I run 10 miles this Saturday! WHOOOO!
That's my week...gotta take the girl to stuff!

Monday, March 02, 2009


Coming downstairs, Daddy has Sesame Street on.
Early bird - the only downfall of you being dry overnight.
Daddy has a meeting and in the shower.
As always, my boy is content and doesn't want to bother anyone.
I join you on the couch and you stoke my hair.
Fuzzy hair and pink cheeks.
Another day I get to spend with you.

Barely awake,
Crawling downstairs to find me on the couch, waiting for you.
Snuggling in and covering with our blankie.
Realizing I actually missed you during our sleep.
Morning kisses and "how was your night-night?"
Drinking your milky while you tug at your ear.
Almost 5 years old and still my little girl.
Forever and ever.

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