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Monday, November 28, 2011

The Daily Hug

I just wanted to make sure I let you both know this story, in case you forget when you are grown-ups.

This is a really magical year, with Tommy as a Kindergartener and Lucy as a 2nd grader, they get to share the same playground for morning Recess each day of school.

It began on the first day, when I asked Lucy to make sure and find Tommy, say "hi!" and always watch out for your little brother on the playground.

Without any of my doing, you have continued to not only find each other each morning to say "hi!" but you also stop to hug each other every time. I ask every day and you never miss a day.

I always imagine a playground full of 100+ kids running around in mass chaos and you two Cavanaugh kids stopping and finding each other, and then giving each other that special hug each morning, just because you love each other and you are brother and sister.

You are so lucky to have each other!

Friday, November 11, 2011

What's Happening Now...

Geez, I have sure neglected this blog for the past six weeks. We've been chumming along, enjoying fall, the end of soccer, the start of girl's basketball, a wonderful Halloween, ending jobs, looking for new jobs, earning and taking care of a hamster, school activities, and just rolling along at a pleasant pace.

Over the past couple of days, I have felt a blog entry brewing in me. I wanted to write something really great about how fast time flies and how much fun I am having with you guys as a 5 1/2 year old and almost 7 1/2 year old. But instead, I think I'll just throw out some moments I remember over the past six weeks, in no particular order.

*As I was walking out of Lucy's room last week at bedtime, I heard her say to me, "Mom, I REALLY love you." I could tell she really, really meant it.

*Looking at Lucy's long legs over Daddy's when she first came downstairs in the morning. Remembering, like it was yesterday, when Matt used to hold Lucy in his arms and rock her little head to sleep in a similar position.

*Secretly wondering how much longer she'll tell me a secret, sit in our laps, ask for a kiss in front of friends, believe in Santa and ask me to pick out her outfits.

*Matt and I laying on either side of Tommy in our bed on a movie night. Tommy proclaiming, "I am lucky."
"Why, Tommy?" I asked.
"Because I have you guys on each side of me."

*Tommy suggesting and writing a letter to the star of the East Grand Rapids football team. Delivering it to the high school secretary. 4th, 5th and 6th grade boys actually wanting Tommy on their football team and not thinking they are "just playing with the little guy" because he actually keeps up.

*Loving that Tommy feels COMPELLED to yell hello to any classmate he sees on the streets, even if he has to yell it across a street and over cars. He really seems to care of about everyone...even the girls. ;)

*My girl and I doing fun things together like playing basketball, doing our nails, curling our hair, and laughing our guts out. I'm also very aware that I'm the one person that makes her feel the safest, least anxious, most comfortable, and most "taken care of" in the world. I like that responsibility.

*The kids and I spending a day together seeing "what adventure we will find" when they had a day off of school. Leaving the house at 9 a.m and coming home at 3 p.m. and all the fun and giggles we have along the way. It's like I get my little kids back from the teachers for a day and it's the best gift in the world.

*Cleaning out the basement and finding myself sad. Sad that it seems like "toys" are fading out of interest. Superheros, cars and Legos have made way for Ipads and football games. The Jasmine outfit is finally too small and writing songs is how she spends her time now. I found one lone Princess sandal in a box, from the summer Lucy was four years old. I remember everything about you at four years old and the summer you wore those sandals. So that went into a "save" box, along with an old Snow White bib I also couldn't bear to throw away.

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