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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Things They Said This Week...

As we are leaving a ticket for Boppa at the entrance to Meijer Gardens...
Tommy to the old lady: "He's got a big head, like me!" (whispers to us: she'll know who Boppa is now!)
Lucy: "Yeah - and he's really smart! He's like 70-something!"

Tommy to me: "I will love you forever. Even when I am a adult!"

Lucy, when asking how we will do bedtime when they are older (like 8 and 10 years): "I want you to still do songs. Songs are cozy."

Lucy: "Mom? I will give you $1 to put towards a Disney World trip."

Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Days...

I want each day to be a celebration of life. To wake up each day with excitement, just because you have a day ahead of you, and anything can happen! My hope is that we showed them that life is fun and full of possibility, and they can do anything they want...

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Life's Too Short...Our Ten Days of Fun!

For the past ten days, we went off the grid, off the schedule and headed on vacation.

We went on our annual week-long trip to SID'S resort and as always, it exceeded expectations. As my Dad always says, "Sid's isn't a's an attitude!" True enough!

Some of our best memories include:

Taking the kid's fishing at the Cedarbrook Trout pond and eating our catches later that night.

Seeing the intrigue in Lucy and Tommy's eyes as we visited the old schoolhouse and lighthouse, and heard about the "old days." Lots of questions and big eyes...

Watching Tommy in heaven as he played about 30 hours of beach baseball and never seemed to get tired.

Lucy's singing/dance performance on the beach for the entire resort of people - and everyone seeming to enjoy it. "Does she take singing and dance lessons?" someone asked? "Nope. This is just a typical Tuesday for her," I responded. Ha!

Watching the kids go "to the game room" with their baggie of quarters and excitement in their eyes.

Long runs through downtown Harrisville, through the campground, along the lake, past the harbor and Widow's Watch hotel and to the old train depot.

Euchre, Dominos, good food and drinks and laughing my butt off with sister.

And then there was the actual Fourth of July!

I ran a race alone, feeling tired and hot and PLG, but wanted to support a friend and the trail. Turns out, I won my age group!

The kids and I were in the parade on the Children's Workshop float and had a blast. Lucy squirted water on friends she saw en route, Tommy threw candy, and I was shocked and amazed at all the people who turned out for the adorable celebration. I, yet again, felt so grateful to be in this wonderful community we stumbled upon eight years ago.

At the end of the night, with happy, exhausted kids and parents sprawled on towels and blankets and lawn chairs, staring into the sky above Reed's Lake, I think we were all feeling really grateful and blessed to be there at that moment.

We overheard Tommy look up at a star and whisper "I wish I am the best boy today." Lucy rubbed her eyes in Matt's lap and asked if she was dreaming.

"Life's too short," said a good friend who knows that all too well. "You have to stay up for fireworks."

I am so grateful for the past ten days.

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