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Saturday, December 30, 2006

More Comparing at 9 Months...

Friday, December 29, 2006

It's Officially Over...

One of the best things about the holidays is seeing old friends. We saw our good friends last night. Actually, the only couple we knew when we loved to this fine city from Denver. We like to tease them that we moved here "for them" and then they upped and left us for Nashville so they could go follow his dreams of singing and songwriting...who the hell do they think they are? :)
Anyway, it was a great time and really fun to catch up. They are expecting a baby next summer (yeah!). I love the friendships we have, where you haven't seen each other in forever, yet you can pick right up where you left off like there has been no time in between. Matt and I really value our friendships in general, probably more than most people. It was our last "planned holiday event" and it ended the holiday perfectly.
In other news, since I am sad it is all over, here is my list of things I am looking forward to in January:
1. The kid's swim classes. (But not the part where I have to be in a bathing suit pasty white and not exactly toned.)
2. I have a new gig! I will be doing some marketing/web work for a project my mom is heading up.
3. Visiting my friend and her new baby in Chicago!
4. Catching up on scrapbooking!
5. Booking our basement project (we are getting it finished! Whooo!)
I won't mention things will probably be too cold outside to run, January is kind of lame, and the fact that Matt has a VERY LONG business trip at the end of the month. These are things I will ignore...

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

And Breathe...

So much fun and food and festivities the past few days! As usual, it is busy and hectic..but all for good reason. We still have a couple more days of family and friends visiting and staying with us. It extends the holiday..and that is a good thing!
Lucy's favorite gifts: Her new doll house and Barbies.
Tommy's favorite gifts: Anything he can slobber on..maybe we finally have
some teeth coming? Matt's favorite gifts: It's a tie between his absurd minnow bucket and the two tubes of Burt's Bees lip balm I got him.
My favorite gift: The fact that Lucy actually seemed to enjoy Mass on Christmas Eve! She loved the children's choir and even walked to the alter with the other kids to listen to the homily (VERY brave and unexpected by all). During the readings, as they talked about Mary, Joseph and Jesus, she would be shocked and say loudly, "Oh my gosh! Mary?!" "Bethlehem?" "Joseph?" - like she couldn't believe this woman reading at church knew about these people! Oh - and I loved my Mom's luxurious turkey dinner. Oh - and my NEW IPOD and items from Target.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

2004 and 2006

Lucy at 6 months and Tommy at 9 months. I'm not convinced they look that much alike anymore....

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Listening In on the Action...

When Lucy comes home from her nursery school, I find she is not real interested in telling me about her morning. It's interesting to me that she has this other life at school I know nothing about. I mean, I know the basics of how the class is structured and all, but she mentions people and teachers and art projects and treats and who went potty off and on, and I just wonder what it's all about for her. I find I can score some details if I listen in when she is in full pretend playtime by herself.

"No Katherine! No Hitting! Katherine wasn't nice, guys...she has to have time out."

"Just a quick clean up, o.k. sweetie?"

"Ethan is crying...he is sad. Jack and Ethan are sad. They aren't sharing."

"I'm the teacher..and you are the kids, o.k. sweetie's?"

and of course the great new comment...

"I don't like you, Mom! I don't!"

Good times....I am so happy and proud of her for loving school so much. She has even had dry pull-ups for the past 3 school days and gone in the potty there twice! I can't help but look at her and her longer, leaner, "closer to 3 than 2 year old" body and get a little sad. She's such a big girl now. It's great to see her doing more but sad to know my chubby little toddler is getting farther and farther away.

Monday, December 18, 2006

She is SO My Daughter...

When I was a little girl, we would drive up the the east coast of Michigan to my grandparents cottage. Between the 2 lane highway and the lake, was a "forest." I clearly remember staring into the "forest" and trying to see if Snow White was hiding in there. Just looking for a quick glimpse.

Yeah...I'm kinda different.

This morning, we are running the lake and we pass a patch of trees.
Lucy: "Mom? Is that a forest?"
Me: "Yes Luce, it is!"
Lucy: "Is Snow White in there?"
Me: "Maybe...or she might just be at the dwarf's cottage right now."
Lucy: "O.k. Mom."

And I continued pushing the 55 lbs. up the hill with a cheesy grin on my face because it was too hilarious. I can't believe I'm someone's Mom because I still feel like a kid.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Weird..but I Love It!

O.k. perhaps this is something only a mother would notice and/or care about and/or enjoy BUT....the palms of Tommy's little chubby, sweaty hands have a smell to them. It's kind of like smelly feet but much cuter, I swear. There is something about it that is all baby and I just want to remember that smell forever. I am writing about this because I have a feeling this is one of those things I will forget 6 months from now. Anyways, nice stinky hands, kid. I like them.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Merry Christmas!

I wanted to share our Christmas card photo. While Luce is doing a Britney Spears crotch shot, it was the only photo I could capture with both children smiling! Good times...

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Everything is Magical in Her World...

We were driving to school this morning, and we always pass by this church with a very large and beautiful steeple. Lucy said to me, "What is that Mom? Is it a castle?"

And I thought to myself - everything in her world is so new and fun and magical. I wish it would always stay that way and I could protect her forever. Every time she wears a skirt she is "a princess." A church steeple is a castle. She sees good in everything and knows nothing other than love and fun in her life.

She is a lucky kid and I am so lucky to be her mom!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Day for Updates...

Operation Potty Training: Going very well! Biggies over the past two days include 2 mornings OUT where she kept her pull-up completely dry and peed in a public potty! Then, about 30 minutes ago, she finished a poop in the potty. Meaning, she started..I caught her..and she wrapped it up on the potty. Not bad...not bad...
No pee accidents in 3 days at all and her first poop potty. Since we started Thursday night, I think that is pretty damn good. Hard work...more sweating and time consuming than I would enjoy...but happening!
Don't you love what my life has become and what I will write about these days?
Tomma Report: He has a cold and is a PLG (Poor Little Guy). He had his 9 month doc appointment yesterday and was real good - except his iron was down just a tiny bit on the office test so I had to take him to get blood drawn!! Ahhhh! I had to sit with him while the lab tech tried to find a vein through his chubby little arm. PLG TO THE MAX! He just looked up at the lady all innocent, suckling his paci, not knowing what was supposed to happen. Then, the lady couldn't GET A VEIN started so she had to move to the other adorable chubby little arm! POOOOR TOMMA! So they got one on the other side and he only cried and squirmed for a second. Yuck...on a day where he wasn't supposed to get any shots at all!!! Oh well...we all survived. But Poor Tommy.
Random side note: I think it's true what they say about handling blood when it's your child. I am a complete and total wimp around any blood but there have been two incidents this week where I have been around the kid's blood (Lucy fell and bit her tongue the other night) and not freaked out or gotten ill. Weird....

Monday, December 11, 2006

Why We Don't Get Out Much...

Saturday night, my parents watched crazy mobile boy and poop-central girl and we headed out to an adult holiday party! It was a 2-hour drive so we even stayed the night! We thought we were cool so we drank Grey Goose vodka and Red Bull. It was soooo nicey. Our good friends threw a nice little shindig and I am excited that they are expecting Baby #3 next summer (they have a set of twin girls Lucy's age)! Anyways, it was fun to not be a mom for about 18 hours. Thanks Meem and Bop!

We did crazy things like enjoy petite quiche....

And Matt did a lot of inappropriate laughing...

And I decided it was fun to "Vogue," after 5 drinks.

Friday, December 08, 2006

If It's Not One Thing...It's Another!

Well, I can't imagine using the phrase "resting on my laurels," as a stay at home mother of 2 very small kids. However, as this week has thoroughly kicked my ass, apparently that is what I have been doing for the past 5-6 months. Let me explain...
First, Tommy was born and our world was rocked. For the first 3 months, I'd say I was going on no sleep, trying to give Lucy and the newborn 100% all the time, breastfeeding, constantly changing diapers, etc.
Then month four hit...Tommy still wasn't sleeping great, but well enough that I was getting 5 hours in a row and I could mamage the day without 12 cups of coffee. Breastfeeding is going well, we got in a groove. The summer was fun, I got successful outings down to a science.
Then Tommy starts sitting up. Life is good! He is playing on the floor, doesn't really bother Lucy's toys, all is happy and well. He is sleeping decent, we are getting our evenings back, etc.
O.k. here we sit at Tommy almost 9 months old. Tommy has, in just 10 days, gone from a little bit of crawling - to now CRAWLING- FAST! PULLING UP ON EVERYTHING, TAKING BABY STEPS AROUND THE OTTOMAN (YOU READ IT RIGHT), BABBLING NEW SOUNDS, TAKING LUCY'S TOYS, AND VICE VERSA. Let's just say, people, it's a whole new world around here. I knew this new world was coming...I realized it at the time that I had it good. Lucy in booster seat, Tommy on floor with safe toys...I can get a shower in. I can switch out laundry. I can send an email. longer.
o.k. NEXT UP - Lucy is sooo ready to be potty trained it is ridiculous. When, finally last week, she cried because she had to wear a diaper and wanted underwear, and had peed in the potty upon command 5 times, I took a good, hard look at my lazy self and said - SUCK IT UP! It is time!!!
We officially began last night. We went right to princess underwear and from 5-8 p.m., she used the potty 3 out of 4 times. The one time she missed, she was on her way to the potty (didn't tell us) and only made it to the bathroom rug (poor thing). It's going well, I have to admit. BUT CAN I JUST SAY - it's as annoying and all- consuming as I imagined. Hate it. Despise it. Wish I could snap my fingers and have it over. Every 30 minutes, "Do you want to try?" Sitting there with her, talking about it, having to pack clothes, pull-ups, show her where the bathroom is, always think about it, etc. Sooo I have the energy to pull up from my bootstraps and do this? I guess I have to.
We had crazy playgroup this morning (and it was crrraazzzyyyy)...and my friend with twin boys (now fully potty trained) was giving me a pep talk I definately needed. She's all about the tough love and sometimes that's what I need from another mother I respect. She was all, "Come on! You can do this. Don't get lazy now! She's ready!" She is right. Here we go...wish me luck. Every time I get a handle on a "phase" with these two, a new challenge begins. So today, it's "CRAZY STAND UP CONSTANTLY BOY" AND "HEY, DO YOU WANT TO TRY GOING POTTY? GIRL."
One more chapter. We will do this - we always do. And I will be oh so much wiser.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Lucy's first trip to visit Santa was a major hit! We went to a really low-key mall by our house, where they let you take your own pics on a random Wednesday morning. Santa was so nice and Lucy walked right up to him and got on his lap! She wouldn't really make eye contact with him...but she talked to him and told him what she wanted (a dollhouse and a Barbie). I was so proud! The candy cane at the end didn't hurt either. A great trip for all!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Happy 2 1/2 Birthday Lucy!!!

Today, Lucy is officially 2 1/2 years old. I can't believe another 6 month span has flown by since her birthday this past summer. I also can't believe that this little girl has only been in our life for 2.5 years, yet it's hard to remember life without her existing. I remember very well her 1st Christmas when she was 6 months old and how cute and happy she was. She sat in her saucer while we openend gifts and was sooo dang adorable. Then, last year, at 18 months, liking all the fun and activity around her, but still not getting what was really going on. I think this will be our most fun Christmas yet - with her love for Santa, Jesus, Nativities, Christmas songs, the Christmas tree and decorations. She really seems to "get it" this year, which makes it so fun!!
I could write a post about my terrible morning at the dermatologist yesterday, or the fact that Tommy cried from 3-4 a.m. for no reason last night, or that we are gearing up for full-on potty training this weekend, or that Tommy is now babbling "da da da..." and it is soooo cute. Instead, I'll leave you with a little comment from da Luce last night. I made her macaroni and cheese and spinach (yes, she eats it!) and was feeding Tommy his food while she ate in her booster seat. She looked at me and out of the blue said most sincerely,
"Thanks for making this for me, Mom."
I almost cried. She is the greatest. Happy 1/2 birthday little girl!!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The List Could Go On and On....

I was thoughtfully tagged by Kellie, so here goes nothin'...

Six Weird Things About Me (could also be described as Type A wackiness About Me):

1. When my children reach a "milestone" like sitting up, crawling, etc. I am nervous I will forget it, so within 15 minutes, I run to their respective baby book and write in the date!

2. My day is not complete unless I breeze through my TiVo'd shows for that day. If I get too busy and can't do it, I am really bothered by it. Same thing goes if 2 days has gone by since I received my US Weekly and I haven't read it yet.

3. I have to sleep on my belly with one foot sticking out of the blankets. I have also been known to lift up my arm and tickle my armpits in my sleep.

4. If I ever hear a rap song from the 1990's on the radio, I MUST sing it out loud. Especially goodies like, "Bust a Move!" and "Things That Make You Go Hmm..."

5. I hate hate hate mayo. EXCEPT when I am eating an artichoke and dipping the leaves in it. Otherwise, I want nothing to do with it.

6. At the end of every song Lucy and I sing together, I have to do my "big finish," which entails me doing a high-pitched scream finale. Lucy has been joining in lately.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Weekend Adventures....

"Look at me! I just crawled to the dining room! Holy crap!
I have moved to another room!"

"Now I eat veggie puffs and mow on biter biscuits! Who am I?"

"I was just sitting here being obsessed with dollhouses..but now I am
saying - AT TOMMA!"

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Preserving the Craziness...

What is wrong with me? It is 5:46 a.m. and I am UP with NO CHILDREN! I am up VOLUNTARILY!! I am nuts...I think my body is so used to waking up at 5 a.m. for so many months now, that sometimes I just can't go back to sleep.
On a side note: If you were wondering (after all my complaining) how Tommy is asleep at 5:46 a.m., we've been giving him a bottle in his room when he wakes up at 5 a.m. and he's been GOING BACK TO SLEEP! Sometimes to 6 a.m. but on a few mornings to 7 a.m! I will worry about weaning that bottle later..I am just freakin' happy he is not wide awake at 5:01 steps.
Plus I lie in bed and start thinking about my "to do" list and all the things I could accomplish before everyone gets up, so I get up. And by "things I could accomplish" I mean "Watch TiVo'd Ellen DeGeneres show, drink coffee, eat a chocolate chip cookie and read blogs." Important stuff.
I have been reading blogs and thinking about how lucky all these babies will be down the road because it is so much easier to record and journal and blog and take photos of their every move. "Back in the day" (1974- ha!), you were lucky if your mom jotted down a few memories, took some photos that aren't starting to peel away and yellow by now, and you'd have to be RICH to have had a video camcorder. If you did, it was the kind your Dad had to rest on his shoulders. Now, my kids will get to watch our entire wedding, their births (minus crotch shots, thank you), snippets of their first year of life, etc. great is that?
I would have loved to have seen my parent's wedding on film, or the nurses cleaning me off immediately upon delivery into the world. I am also a dorky scrapbooker that does a decent baby book, plus creates one for each child's first year of life (I am caught up to Tommy at 3 months...and am fired up for scrapbook weekend Feb. 2007 girls!!). Plus, I am looking for any good ideas anyone has on preserving these blog posts. I could simply print them out every 6 months or so, and keep them in a binder or something. Anyone have any good ideas beyond that?

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