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Friday, December 29, 2006

It's Officially Over...

One of the best things about the holidays is seeing old friends. We saw our good friends last night. Actually, the only couple we knew when we loved to this fine city from Denver. We like to tease them that we moved here "for them" and then they upped and left us for Nashville so they could go follow his dreams of singing and songwriting...who the hell do they think they are? :)
Anyway, it was a great time and really fun to catch up. They are expecting a baby next summer (yeah!). I love the friendships we have, where you haven't seen each other in forever, yet you can pick right up where you left off like there has been no time in between. Matt and I really value our friendships in general, probably more than most people. It was our last "planned holiday event" and it ended the holiday perfectly.
In other news, since I am sad it is all over, here is my list of things I am looking forward to in January:
1. The kid's swim classes. (But not the part where I have to be in a bathing suit pasty white and not exactly toned.)
2. I have a new gig! I will be doing some marketing/web work for a project my mom is heading up.
3. Visiting my friend and her new baby in Chicago!
4. Catching up on scrapbooking!
5. Booking our basement project (we are getting it finished! Whooo!)
I won't mention things will probably be too cold outside to run, January is kind of lame, and the fact that Matt has a VERY LONG business trip at the end of the month. These are things I will ignore...


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