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Friday, June 30, 2006

One Uterus + 2 Kids = Different Personalities

After having 2 children, I have to say I believe that you can see a natural disposition in babies from birth. I didn't always believe this was true - and I still think a child is a combo of genetics, environment, and luck. However- you can see natural dispositions in Lucy and Tommy. Lucy might be described as "spirited," and we knew that right from the start. As soon as she could make noise, she was yelling and shrieking in her ultra saucer, always awake and ready for action. As a toddler, she is amazingly verbal, a singer, a dancer, and an artistic extrovert. She is also VERY dramatic - in both good and bad ways. Now, our Tommy is a laid back dude. Sometimes referred to as "LL Cool Tom", he is content hanging out with us, watching Lucy play, chilling in the car seat, or sitting in my lap for an hour just hanging out. I tell people that Tommy is the kind of baby you would order online if you could. If he is hungry, he will patiently wait until I can get to him and suck on his pacifier. His sister would have been screaming to the high heavens as if to say "RIGHT NOOOWWW PLLEEAASSEEE!" I will be curious to see if he remains this way over the next few months and perhaps years. He is definately different than his sister. Funny to grow two children with the same genes in the same home and have them appear so different. If it remains this way, I think it will be good for both of them as siblings to interact with each other on a daily basis. If I let myself look into the future, I can imagine Lucy forcing Tommy to watch her 100th "dance routine" in the basement as he reluctantly but politely says, "O.k. sister...but then I am going upstairs to read my book." Maybe Lucy will help Tommy make friends, and Tommy will help Lucy learn patience. Perhaps Lucy will amaze us with her guitar playing and singing, and Tommy will make insightful comments that make Matt and I think about things we never have before. Who knows...but it's fun to think about. I think I will enjoy this journey and learning what these little people are all about!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Babysitter mornings...

In order to stay sane and have some "me time," we hire a babysitter to come to the house one morning a week. These mornings are awesome. I do a variety of things with the time - go for a run, go shopping, get coffee, get lunch with a girlfriend, etc. I daydream about trips I want to take one day, how I want to get my haircut, fitness goals, what I want to be when I grow up, etc. Basically - it's all about me for 3 hours a week and it is a wonderful thing! Today at the mall, I noticed how accustomed I have become to my "new life". I didn't speak to anyone for like 2 hours - can't tell you the last time that happened. I headed to the elevator and realized I didn't have a stroller with me - so I jumped on the escalator! I didn't worry about who needed milk or if I had time to stop and look down one more aisle. I noticed moms with their multiple children in tow looking at me and I wanted to say, "I have 2 kids! This is an illusion! I swear I am not judging you! I am one of you!"
So my point is, it is a fun, freeing morning and I love it. However, I have to admit that I am just as happy as Lucy is to see me when I get out of the car. To hear her yell, "Hi Mom! Happy to see you! Hi! Hi!" - that's about the greatest thing you'll ever hear in your life. I really believe that taking time for yourself makes you a better mother.

What have I become?

Things I think about while Lucy watches her morning t.v.:
*Ooh..this is the Sesame Street where REM sings "Happy Furry Monsters! Yeesss...."
*Why does Anthony Wiggle look hot to me all of a sudden?
*Jeff Wiggle is a millionaire who rides on the coat tails of the other, more talented Wiggles. We all know it's true...
*Why doesn't anyone call out Bert and Ernie for what they really are? Not that there's anything wrong with that...
*Are "The Doodebops" smoking crack?
*Please eat the rest of that waffle so I can read my last email...

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A random list of weird things I can do while breastfeeding:

1. Push Lucy in her Clifford swing while sitting on the deck.
2. Put goldfish in a bag for the walk.
3. Do "Itsy bitsy spider" down Lucy's arm.
4. Pass "Mikette" the doll to Lucy so she can mimic me and "feed Mikette."
5. Eat a random frozen entree
6. Drink my two cups of coffee I am allowed a day...could sooo have more!
7. Dig Playdoh out of container and set on her high chair tray.
8. Pretend to be the "store worker" when Lucy "goes shopping for grapes..."
Really, this list could go on and on and I just think it's funny. The mulit-tasking is hilarious...Good ole Tommy just sucks away with his eyes flailing about like "Ohh least I have the what you need to mutha..." ha ha...

Monday, June 26, 2006

No longer two under two..BUT...

So for a while I felt like it was something special to have two children under two. Well, not so much special as much as crazy - "Look at me! Yes, I spewed two children out of my cooter in less than 2!" I would notice that at the mall or on a walk, people were all intrigued by the double stroller, asking me their ages, etc. Moms at the play group would look at me all thoughtful and empathetic and say things like, "The first 8 weeks are the worst..mine are 20 months apart, etc. etc." But now I am realizing that Lucy is 2 years old and I can't use that as my excuse anymore. A ton of people have kids "2 years apart" and no one is that intrigued anymore. Oh - except for the creepy man at farmer's market last week who was all, "Are they a year apart?" Come on..."Yes sir, my older daughter is a freak of nature 30 pound one year old." Bless his heart...So anyway, things are supposed to be less crazy, right? Umm..not so much. We have noticed that since Lucy turned two (that's 3 weeks ago) - there has been a little more "oomph" to her tantrums and a little more testing and whining. This morning she started in on her "talking while grunting" routine to which I say, "Cut it kid..tell Mom what you would like by talking normal." Sometimes I mimic her and she starts laughing and that stops it. But it's not so fun..and I can't help but wonder - the worst isn't behind me, is it? She is just starting her "twos" and there is so much fun to be had for Matt and I as she grows in independence. Ahhh yes...just when I was proud of how far I have come, I realize how much I have to deal with in the upcoming year of "two." Oh well..we shall muddle along and do the best we can and try "time outs" and "use your words" and "share" and "Let's not whack Dad in the face this morning" and before we know it, she will be 3. Then she will still be pooping her pants or we'll have some other fun new challenge to deal with. Until then, here is a list of random things she has decided she is phobic about for your pleasure:
1. Sandals (one blister and they are banned for the summer)
2. Roosters (one loud "cock a doodle doo!" at the zoo and now we're screwed)
3. Cats (she can wave to them but they must not get within 1 foot of her or she is stricken...)
Good times...

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Unexpected but fun...

So we are winding down a surprisingly fun weekend! I love weekends where you don't have a ton of plans, but loose ones that turn out to be totally fun! Especially those that do not entail me packing and unpacking the family 100 times and driving far, far away. Friday night I went to the gym I am a guest at this week (thanks sister n law!) and did a great run of 2.5 miles. This is BIG for me! We then celebrated our friends finding out they are having a second boy this fall with pizza and pool time for the kids. They seemed to really appreciate the cake and card we brought them. Saturday morning I did a 5 K walk with my mom and girlfriend - and was very impressed (as a former event planner) as to how it all went down and the excessive amount of FREE GOODIES offered at the end of the race. Lucy received her first body painting and thought she was sooo cool. Saturday night we attended the progressive mexican dinner party with neighbors. It ended up being hilarious and fun. Lucy did great - was up until 10 p.m.! I have to admit it made me proud that Matt and I have branched out and feel comforatable with all these new neighbors. I really hope all thse people continue to live around here for a long time because I can forsee the kids having a ton of fun with everyone and they are the type of people you would wish for as neighbors. This morning my mom, the kids and myself all tried out her new country club pool and Lucy loved it! I think there will be a lot of fun mornings there this summer - so that is a good thing!! All in all - just good times...This afternoon I went back to the gym (have I mentioned how inspired I am when I am there??!! If only we were RICH!) and ran 3.5 miles! 35 minutes straight....I can't belive I did it! I am really excited. Who knows, I may be running that 10K next summer - that's my goal anyway. If I can get to the point where I can jog around the lake (4.2 miles) regularly - I will feel like a rock star.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Meet the Family...

So I guess to begin, here are photos of the family - Matt and I, Tommy and Lucy. We were married August 26, 2000. Lucy turned 2 on June 6th, 2006. She told me her birthday needed to include these key items:
1. A birthday cake
2. Juice
3. Balloons
Pretty much that was it and she was was a success! Tommy was born on St. Patrick's Day and is a freak of nature child. He is THE most easy going and laid back kid I have ever met. Thank god - this family needs someone like that! He is a dream and we are so lucky!

Going to give it a go...

Hello world! The new things out there in "mommy internet world" are "mom blogs." I have enjoyed reading quite a few of them. So much so, that it has inspired me to begin one of my own!
What I hope to get out of this:
*Have it become a journal of sorts for my children to someday read and enjoy.
*Create a place to share my daily thoughts and ideas as a stay-at-home mom and former marketing guru who would still like to use that portion of her brain at times.
*When necessary, I'll use this as a forum to clear my head and explore thoughts..
*As a former "class clown" and "wanna-be comedian," I'll try and share some funny anecdotes as I muddle through daily life!
Hope this becomes what I envision...we shall see...

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I'm a 39 year old stay-at-home mom. I have a 9 year old daughter and a 7 year old son. I have lived in the big city and in the mountains, but am happy to be back in the Midwest, raising the fam. I enjoy laughing, wine, bad karaoke, US Weekly, running, cemetaries, cheese sticks and short hair-dos. In my previous life, I was class-clown and a wanna-be comedian. In my professional life, I'm a journalism major with 10 years of marketing and PR experience. I dream of being a cast member on Saturday Night Live and working at Disney World as Snow White.

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