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Friday, June 30, 2006

One Uterus + 2 Kids = Different Personalities

After having 2 children, I have to say I believe that you can see a natural disposition in babies from birth. I didn't always believe this was true - and I still think a child is a combo of genetics, environment, and luck. However- you can see natural dispositions in Lucy and Tommy. Lucy might be described as "spirited," and we knew that right from the start. As soon as she could make noise, she was yelling and shrieking in her ultra saucer, always awake and ready for action. As a toddler, she is amazingly verbal, a singer, a dancer, and an artistic extrovert. She is also VERY dramatic - in both good and bad ways. Now, our Tommy is a laid back dude. Sometimes referred to as "LL Cool Tom", he is content hanging out with us, watching Lucy play, chilling in the car seat, or sitting in my lap for an hour just hanging out. I tell people that Tommy is the kind of baby you would order online if you could. If he is hungry, he will patiently wait until I can get to him and suck on his pacifier. His sister would have been screaming to the high heavens as if to say "RIGHT NOOOWWW PLLEEAASSEEE!" I will be curious to see if he remains this way over the next few months and perhaps years. He is definately different than his sister. Funny to grow two children with the same genes in the same home and have them appear so different. If it remains this way, I think it will be good for both of them as siblings to interact with each other on a daily basis. If I let myself look into the future, I can imagine Lucy forcing Tommy to watch her 100th "dance routine" in the basement as he reluctantly but politely says, "O.k. sister...but then I am going upstairs to read my book." Maybe Lucy will help Tommy make friends, and Tommy will help Lucy learn patience. Perhaps Lucy will amaze us with her guitar playing and singing, and Tommy will make insightful comments that make Matt and I think about things we never have before. Who knows...but it's fun to think about. I think I will enjoy this journey and learning what these little people are all about!


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