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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Second Born...

This morning, Matt offered to take Lucy to school. Due to the crappy weather and fact that I really needed to clean the house, I decided that Tommy and I were not leaving the house this morning. This is extremely rare, as I usually feel the need to accomplish 576 things out and about during Lucy's preschool.
Today, I decided to accomplish 576 things in the warm, cozy house instead. So I dusted and danced with the Tomma. We jammed out to many songs and he was very happy running around in his diaper, fancy free. He is a different kid when Lucy isn't around. He plays with Lucy's "Mother load" toys...he runs and yells and flails to his heart's content. I played "Lion mama" and we roared around the house. He loves this game. Lucy has a tendency to walk around going, "Don't be a lion, mom." Anyway, point being: a good time was had by all.
Which got me thinking about "second-borns." You come into the world and you immediately have to share. You never really know a time when it's just you with mom and dad. Someone else is paving the way for you. It truly is a different perspective. I appreciate learning this about the Tomma (as a first born, myself).
Tommy is a great "second kid." He's patient, shares, brings things back to whack-job woman when she sobs that he touched something (why does the 20 month old know how to share better than the 3.5 year old? We're not sure...). No whacking of others, no complaints when strapped into the stroller or car seat. Could care less when all hell is breaking loose around him. He's a real "roll with it" kind of kid. I think this will make for a well-adjusted boy/teenager/man.
Then, I started thinking about my second-born sister (4 years younger than myself). I pulled a lot of ridiculous pranks on her growing up. For example:
1. I convinced her that Wonder Woman lived in a shed behind our neighbor's house. A couple times a week, we would knock and knock on that shed and she would never be home.
"I guess she's off saving people again," I would say.
"Let's check tomorrow," my sister would say.
2. Pretended a nutcracker was real and spoke to her out of our neighbor's window. She will tell you now she wasn't buying it. But it was a party trying to get her to believe it. No sense...
3. Made her always be the ugly, lame, or background person in any show I was putting on in the basement. Drum-playing gorilla (check). Background singer to Laura Brannigan's, "Gloria" (check). "Molly," the younger orphan opposite to "Annie," the star of the show (check).
4. Angered her so much one summer afternoon that she raged around the corner to our front porch where I was sitting with a friend, only to shout out, "You shitty Sarah!" Bless her heart and her new swear word. I probably wouldn't let her play with us.
So yeah...second borns get screwed sometimes. I hope Lucy doesn't screw the Tomma. But for some reason, I have a feeling he may be background singer/tamborine/cowbell player to Lucy's lead singing many, many times.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tuesday Tidbits...

1. My mom, Lucy and I had a girl's afternoon on Sunday. We attended "The Sound of Music", followed by dinner at my favorite restaurant in town. Close to intermission of the show, the very quiet and patient Lucy bent over and whispered to me: "Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Let's go home!"
I am so sure.

2. Laundry is really starting to get to me. I do all the household laundry one day a week. This works well for me and everyone involved. However, we are now up to about 5 loads on "National Laundry Day." Throw in folding of clothes and putting everyone's clothes away...annoying. Takes up every free moment of every Tuesday. Lame-o....laundry is lame-o....

3. WHY must I get zits like I am still 16 years old? RIDIC! I have two whoppers on the face. To the point where I am so embarrased of them, I put cover up on them TO GO FOR A RUN. That's right...I am too embarrased for the neighborhood dogs to see me.

4. I can't believe I am writing this but I am DONE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! WAHHHOOOIIEE! I have been on a major spree the past 10 days and this morning, I completed all tasks. I am so on it I even have January birthday gifts! Now what will I do with my time? Oh yeah...laundry.

5. Had my "parent/teacher" conference call with Lucy's teacher this afternoon. All is well. She is sharing! And listening! She even commented that she's definately ready to start the "Handwriting without tears" program and would recommend she go three days a week next year (I was already planning on this). You assume and hope all is well but it does feel good for someone else to tell you your kid is doing great.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Hippies Have Gotten to Me!

I don't know what it is, but this year, I'll get all jazzed up for a holiday, and by the time it's over I'm all, "Thank god! Let's all move on!"

So I am not posting about Thanksgiving (both awesome turkey dinners we enjoyed) or our successful trip to beautiful Flint. For the love of god, my poor hometown. Or my 5 a.m. venture on Friday with my Venti Latte (40% off at Pottery Barn Outlet! Party!). O.k I am done.

Instead, I am sharing thoughts/changes/efforts happening at our house these days.

1. We are moving over to some organic items. The biggest change over: organic milk. I have been thinking and wanting to do this for a long time but felt cost was kind of a barrier for us (and my cheap, stay at home mom status self). I've been doing organic yogurt for quite a while now. Well, I have found a good price on milk so onward and upward we move! Organic milk in our fridge from here on out!
2. I am phasing in all organic bread and produce. If you checked my kitchen today, you'd see I'm at about 50%. These are the items I am most focused on changing over (that we eat a ton of regularly): Bananas, Apples, Strawberries, green beans, grapes and spinach.
3. I am "going green" on cleaning supplies. I was watching one of my favorite (and inspiring!) shows, Jon and Kate Plus 8, and Kate had this Sara Snow chic on the show. Sara was giving Kate ideas on ways to "green up" her home (Kate is already an organic whack-job woman, cooking 90% organic for her family of 8 children!). Well, her homemade cleaning products are so simple that I couldn't get it out of my head. I have printed out the ingredients to make simple replacements to Fantastik, Windex and Pledge and away I go!

So, I write all this stuff to help me mentally commit to my new goals. As Sara Snow says, it's about baby steps and I think these are some small but mighty changes I can make happen. It seems to be a good time to embrace what I have been wanting to do for a while.

This has sort of evolved for me over the past year. I have started really enjoying cooking and getting into new ideas/recipes/etc. But to be honest, our one-income household situation always seemed to be this barrier for me. I was in a rut for a while, thinking I could only feed the kids sloppy joes and spaghetti.

Now, I review/check out recipes, create a weekly list for groceries and then do one big grocery trip a week. This equals more efficiency and money saved! My type-A self loves efficiency and saving money! The world is a happier place...

O.k. I will now get off my feeble, partly-broken soap-box and go back to blogging about poop on a playset tomorrow...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

He Did It!

Tomma's been saying many things lately...lots of new words and two-word phrases like "Sissy Bye-Bye" and "Boppa's Car!" and "Night Night Da Da..."
Last night, I heard his first official sentence...

"I did it!"

I enjoy the positivity coming from this kid!
Great first sentence Tomma!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Everyone's a Comedian Around Here...

Me: "Do you know when we go to Disneyworld that we will fly on an airplane?"

Lucy: "Oooh...I haven't been on a plane in a long time."

Me: "Actually, the last time we were BOTH on a plane was when you were in my tummy!"

Lucy: (Chuckling while looking around, confused) "Yeah! And I was like...what the heck? Am I in an airplane or an elevator? ha ha...."

Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Shout Out to the Deer and the Turkey...

Matt's been off at "Deer Camp" (aka sitting in a wooden box, waiting for deer, eating triple meat breakfasts, drinking beer and listening to football games) for the past week. Six days is a big vacation for anyone. And to be away from your loving wife and children. I'm just saying I am a damn understanding and "team player" kind of wife, okayyy?
I knew when I married him that this was part of the deal. This "Deer Camp" thing was part of the package. But every year, as mid-November draws closer on the calendar, I get that same feeling of...
"Really? It's that time already? Ugh...." And off he goes, every year. Part of the package but still, at times, painful. Oh so painful on day 5 of him being gone. How do single mothers do it? I guess they are just really, really tired. And lonely.
But fear not! My local support system rallied and I've had lots of fun times with neighbors, family and friends. We have actually had a great week with lots of action. Yesterday, we celebrated an early Thanksgiving with my side of the family. Good times...
And today, a "leftover lunch," complete with pilgrim hats.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

In the Brain...

So many things running through my brain may be impossible to pull together a cohesive post. But it's been 4 days and I feel guilty so here goes...
1. Will I ever, EVER find a pair of jeans that fit me? I do NOT have that odd of a body, people. I am 5'9" inches tall (should be a good thing, right?). I am relatively lean but semi-pear shaped (shut up, I've got saddlebags and big calves). I've never had issues finding decent pants that fit. I've taken your advice and spent time sweating while trying on 7's and Joe's jeans. What is my deal?????
2. Tommy is officially a little boy. We went to the Children's Museum yesterday morning and I loved watching him. He enjoys puzzles and all things mechanical. He was enamored with these for a good 30 minutes. Santa might catch wind of that one...I think Lucy would love them as well.
3. A very good friend's son is having medical issues and it's killing me. I feel helpless and wish there was something more I could do. And, it reminds me to count my blessings each and every day. Sometimes I wonder why things happen. It doesn't make a lot of sense at all.
4. I really like this recent haircut. If I was more with it, I would post a pic. But sadly, I am not with it and am not motivated to make that happen. I am just enjoying the cut and hoping it doesn't turn into a mullet anytime soon.
5. Many people in my circle are announcing their third pregnancies...interesting to me that I feel no tug at my ovaries over that one. I was ready early on to get pregnant again after Lucy (oddly, Tommy was still a real surprise). But now, no tugging at all. Just happy I got 9 hours of sleep last night. I like sleep and would like to keep that going. Oh, and also sit comfortably in a restaurant booth, make it to all their sporting events, be able to pay for two colleges, and for just one wedding. ha!

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Independence Shines Through...

This morning was full of a little "sweating." Our crew went to Lucy's dancing class, where I had to entertain/manage/bribe Tommy to hang out and play in the viewing area for 45 minutes. He did great until the last 15 minutes when he only had eyes for the fish in the kid's section of the attached library. We flailed until I thought class was over (10:25 a.m.). Note to bad mother: the class was over at 10:20 a.m. As I walked in and saw parents putting coats on kids, I ran over in a panic. Where was my Luce?
She was sitting in the chair by our stroller. Totally unpanicked. Sitting and smiling at me with her sticker on her leotard. Just kind of waiting for me and crazy Tomma to appear.
"Everything o.k. Lucy? Sorry we were late! Tomma was looking at fish!"
"That's o.k. Mom...I didn't mind."
So kind of shocked me. I am not sure if she had been sitting there for 30 seconds or 3 minutes, but either way, I was pretty proud of her.
"Were you worried, wondering where we were?"
And off we went. I can't believe she is almost 3 1/2 years old. And today, she showed it.
Next up...the grocery store. The last couple of times have been awesome because they now both enjoy sitting in the "car carts" they have for kids at our local store. Again...two big kids. Riding around all butt happy and plg. Sometimes I still can't believe I have these two kids.
And final morning activity...basement playtime. I talked them into playing down there for a while, while I put away groceries and premade this for dinner. There I was...calmly chopping away. I could hear them playing together and talking. And this went on for a really long time...maybe 45 minutes without me intervening? I even stopped myself from sticking my head down there at one point because all was well and I didn't want to jinx it.
Just two big kids hanging out playing in their basement. Without my help! Or assistance! Or management! I could chop and peel and act like Giada in peace (did you hear she's preggo?)!
So today I celebrate the fact that, at 3 1/2 years and almost 20 months old...they are bigger and more indepedent and needing me less and less. I know I will be sad about this one day, but today, I am just grateful.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Free to Be You and Me...

My 3rd grade is a year that is emblazened in my mind forever. There was just something about that year and that class. Mrs. Stratton...I loved that woman as if she was my own grandmother at the time. She was fun, kind and friendly.
It was a wild year, my friends...
My first crush (Joe Abbott...I still love you and dream of you often...)
My first chance to express my Type A-ness (Mrs. Stratton had this "daily tasks" thing she would have us do every morning and I would race to be the first one done, smugly sit at my desk, and play with my pencil until everyone else was done).
There were the spelling bees every week, that I usually won.
I am a damn good speller for some reason. But don't ask me to do a 5th grade level word problem.
Except for that one time when my wart fell off my hand during a spelling bee and I was so sad I voluntarily sat down at my desk (forfeiting my potential win) and started to cry....
I really loved that wart and haven't had one since.
I digress...
Then there was my first chance at creative writing assignments...and that was the best. I remember being really into poems...lots and lots of poems were written while looking out the classroom window, letting my creativity soar and believing Mrs. Stratton would think it was really swell.
And then there were Friday afternoons....when Mrs. Stratton, if we had a little extra time in our day, would get the record player going and we'd all sing and dance to this.
Oh we would dance, my friends...
We would dance...
I don't remember anything about 2nd grade, except that my teacher drew her eyebrows on.
And 4th grade is a virtual blur.
But in 3rd grade, we were all Free to Be You and Me...

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

PLG.... Tommy actually falling asleep WHILE eating a fruit bar in his high chair. I have never seen anything like it. Full on eyelids down...but still chewing....and nodding off to the side.
Come on...
Which reminds me of the trip to the orchard we took last month, and the lunch through McDonald's after...where Tommy held onto a random piece of burger the entire 45 minute ride home. Completely out cold. And when we arrived in the driveway, he woke up, and ate the piece he had been holding.
I am so sure...

Monday, November 05, 2007

Things I Am Into At The Moment....

1. I am getting my haircut this afternoon. VERY is waaay too grown out. It's probably been about 10 weeks and I am supposed to go every 6 weeks. I think a haircut will help me with my yucky feeling I've been having...
2. Which takes me to the second point...I am HATING all my jeans. I have one pair I seriously like and one pair of cords that I like. Other than that, there is a lot of not attractive, tapered leg-looking Old Navy specials in my closet that just need to go. I am tempted to splurge on a really nice pair...any ideas? I am keeping an eye on these.
3. I DID go ahead and splurge on this when my girlfriends were in town a couple of weeks ago. I really love it! I think it makes a real gives me a more even, fresh, polished look. I still get excited when I pull it out in the morning. I am addicted to the fluff, tap, brush!
4. A new Christmas list (for myself) keeps running through my head daily. And it's not helping when I get cute catalogs in the mail with things I just really want to have or things that are so adorable I can hardly stand it!
5. O.k. - 2 weeks in a row of Sunday night dinners! Last night, I made my pal Barefoot Contessa's Lentil and Sausage soup. And when I say "pal," I mean, get one drink in me and I will do a 20 minute rant with impressions of Ina and Jeffrey walking down the beach. I am just saying...anyway, the soup was a hit and I think I will try the Healthy Choice smoked sausage next time...wasn't too into Jenni O's version. Not as flavorful.

That's about all I got on this blustering can you work on getting Lucy to realize daylight savings HAS occured and by day #2 you should NOT be singing The Sound of Music at 6 a.m.? Great...thanks so much...

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Proof of the Spook-tacular Times....

Good times were had by all...and I am officially Halloween-ed OUT! Now, on to some good stuffing recipes I guess....

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