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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Second Born...

This morning, Matt offered to take Lucy to school. Due to the crappy weather and fact that I really needed to clean the house, I decided that Tommy and I were not leaving the house this morning. This is extremely rare, as I usually feel the need to accomplish 576 things out and about during Lucy's preschool.
Today, I decided to accomplish 576 things in the warm, cozy house instead. So I dusted and danced with the Tomma. We jammed out to many songs and he was very happy running around in his diaper, fancy free. He is a different kid when Lucy isn't around. He plays with Lucy's "Mother load" toys...he runs and yells and flails to his heart's content. I played "Lion mama" and we roared around the house. He loves this game. Lucy has a tendency to walk around going, "Don't be a lion, mom." Anyway, point being: a good time was had by all.
Which got me thinking about "second-borns." You come into the world and you immediately have to share. You never really know a time when it's just you with mom and dad. Someone else is paving the way for you. It truly is a different perspective. I appreciate learning this about the Tomma (as a first born, myself).
Tommy is a great "second kid." He's patient, shares, brings things back to whack-job woman when she sobs that he touched something (why does the 20 month old know how to share better than the 3.5 year old? We're not sure...). No whacking of others, no complaints when strapped into the stroller or car seat. Could care less when all hell is breaking loose around him. He's a real "roll with it" kind of kid. I think this will make for a well-adjusted boy/teenager/man.
Then, I started thinking about my second-born sister (4 years younger than myself). I pulled a lot of ridiculous pranks on her growing up. For example:
1. I convinced her that Wonder Woman lived in a shed behind our neighbor's house. A couple times a week, we would knock and knock on that shed and she would never be home.
"I guess she's off saving people again," I would say.
"Let's check tomorrow," my sister would say.
2. Pretended a nutcracker was real and spoke to her out of our neighbor's window. She will tell you now she wasn't buying it. But it was a party trying to get her to believe it. No sense...
3. Made her always be the ugly, lame, or background person in any show I was putting on in the basement. Drum-playing gorilla (check). Background singer to Laura Brannigan's, "Gloria" (check). "Molly," the younger orphan opposite to "Annie," the star of the show (check).
4. Angered her so much one summer afternoon that she raged around the corner to our front porch where I was sitting with a friend, only to shout out, "You shitty Sarah!" Bless her heart and her new swear word. I probably wouldn't let her play with us.
So yeah...second borns get screwed sometimes. I hope Lucy doesn't screw the Tomma. But for some reason, I have a feeling he may be background singer/tamborine/cowbell player to Lucy's lead singing many, many times.


At 1:52 PM, Blogger amanda said...

Ok. This is by far your funniest post ever. I was belly laughing at the stuff you did to your sister, you shitty SARAH! haha!! I'm dieing here. Ok. So I have one to share... well, two. I used to tell my brother to do stuff for me and then when he didn't want to I'd tell him I would time him. And then I said in a panicked voice that he was losing time! Then there was the time that I convinced him that clear nail polish was men's nail polish. Ok, one last one. My older brother and I convinced him that the word "lame" was really "lane"... so he'd get ticked off and scream at me, "Mandy, you're so lane!" haha!

At 1:58 PM, Blogger Sarah said..., I do the timing thing on Lucy. It works.
ha ha...
You are so lane.

At 2:40 PM, Blogger meg said...

hahaha - this is super funny! Amanda - yours are hilarious too. Lane. haha.

I am a plg for all things mentioned. I think I should get an extra christmas present from you to make up for it. Thanks!

At 2:54 PM, Blogger Bridget said...

I'm on my way to ITunes to download "Gloria"...

At 3:29 PM, Blogger meg said...

I rock out a mean Gloria on kareoke. It's my signature song.


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