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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Happy Boy...

Dear Tommy,

You turned four years old last week - and the party lasted all week long! I think some people think I am crazy with birthdays (various "celebratory" events, dinners, big parties, etc)...but I always say, "Life is short! You have to celebrate everything BIG!" So that's what I do...and I hope you feel very special because of it.

We had a big Super Hero themed party for you - and you were in your glory. Twelve friends arrived, family was decked out in Super Hero t-shirts, and Mr. Kevin even dressed up as Batman HIMSELF! Your mouth dropped when you saw him and you told me later that you thought he "might have even been real."

Instead of going on and on about how smart and funny and patient and kind-hearted you continue to be, I will say I am proudest of one thing: You. Are. Happy.

You are seriously the happiest kid I think I have ever met. Life is one big celebration to you. You wake up each morning and say, "What will we do today, mom?"

And not in an annoying, "I have to be entertained" kind of way. It's more in a "I don't care if you tell me I get to drink MILK today! That's AWESOME!" kind of way.

You are a lovey-dovey kid, too. You are always good for a kiss, hug, squeeze, or an "I am so glad you are my mom" at any moment of the day. You just do this. Sometimes, I see you in the rear view window of the car and maybe I said something like, "I sure did miss you while you were at school!" or "You are the greatest boy I know!" and for that, you will be overcome with a need to kiss me but since you can't, you'll just kiss your arm and "air hug" me because you can't stand it. You are a different.

You like to tell everyone you know (and don't know) about the day, how things are going, what we are doing next weekend, anything you are looking forward to, etc. You love snacks and stories and Spiderman. You make friends easily, always exude confidence, and never seem phased by anything.

You are rarely crabby...which still amazes your Dad and I. For years, we have not spoken of your calm and low key demeanor, with the worry a terrible phase was brewing if we mentioned it. But here you are at age FOUR and still NO BAD PHASE.

Don't get me wrong - you have your moments. But even this morning, as you crabbed that I forgot to pack your water for our drive, you started giggling about the song on the radio for no apparent reason. I think it was because you wanted an excuse to stop the crabbiness. You were sick of it, too. :)

Today, I pulled out my Wonder Woman t-shirt from your party and wore it to the gym with you, since I knew you'd love it so much. I was made fun of by friends for a. wearing it and b. the fact that it was about two sizes too small. Regardless, I wore it proudly and my exercise class ended up down in the gym area next to where you and the other kids were playing. After a few minutes, a group of kids came to the wall and were yelling at us as we went by. When I passed you, we high fived and I yelled, "I'm Wonder WOMMAAANNN!" When I looked back at you, you were smiling like crazy and yelled to the kids, "That is MY MOM!"

Thank you for being the sweet, funny, and HAPPY boy that you are. I can't wait to see what the next year brings with you, little boy.
Happy Birthday - Love you FOREVER,

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Fun Car...

As the proud mother of a Kindergartner and Preschooler, I have ushered in yet another area of parenting: Carpooling.

The neighbors and I have a complicated yet smoothly running weekday carpool routine, that allows me some extra time to run that last errand or get in that shower I desperately need.

So when it's my turn to drive, I like to liven things up.

I blast silly music or a song that makes no sense (to my defense...what child DOESN'T love a nice "You're So Vain," by Carly Simon, at 8:10 a.m?). I sing along.

I may use hand movements that cause my children to yell, "Mom! Two hands on the wheel!"

I play the "what did YOU have for breakfast??" question game. I ask them if they had an old shoe with their orange juice.

I become a loud swedish woman who opens the SUV and yells, "Quickly voo children! Zee policeman is veddy veddy angry at my parking spot. To the Kindergarten door vis you, I say!!"

The kids are wide eyed, giggly, confused, but mostly enjoying the 7 minutes we are together before school begins.

For a while, I didn't know why I did this. Maybe I just liked to watch the kid's shocked face...maybe the coffee had gone to my head. And then I remembered...

The Rutledge Family Singers.

Yes, I was once a member of this fine group that consisted of my dad, mom, sister and myself. When friends were lucky enough to ride with The Rutledge Family Singers, they'd enjoy a car full of harmonious show tunes. For some reason, and I know you will be shocked by this, I thought nothing of belting out the soprano part of a Music Man show tune with anyone who rode along. No ride was too short for a spontaneous song.

No one ever seemed to mind and no one ever seemed to act like it was odd, least of all The Rutledge Family Singers themselves.

And so things come full I am now a mom. Who rides in cars with kids. And looks back and sees Lucy's lit up smile, because I am the silliest mom she knows. And there really isn't anything odd about it.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cuteness Mentioned...

We had just picked up Tommy from preschool and Lucy was hopping out of the car today to go to a friend's house to play:

(Big, unprompted kiss on the lips and about one inch from each other's face)

"Hope you had a great day at school today, Tomma!"

(Smiling at each other all butt happy...)

"Thanks, sissy..."

And off she went.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Bottle it Up...

The weather has turned and the sun has been shining for three straight days. It does wonders for everyone's spirit and makes me feel more energetic later in the day.

We've been playing outside, pulling out bikes and scooters, riding them over melting ice chunks and drawing with chalk.

I've been closing the laptop for chunks of time in the afternoons, doing some spring cleaning, and spending quality time with the kids.

The butterflies arrived at Meijer Gardens on Monday and we went to the grand opening. To say the kids LOVED IT would be an understatement. So cute...and excited...and loving every small thing. It was one of those nights you want to bottle up and remember forever.

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