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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Laid to Bed and Moving On...

You probably remember me sharing in mid-October, with fuzzy details, that Matt lost his job out of the clear blue sky. And they dropped medical that very day. And no severance package at all. And they refused to pay him his bonus money due to him from the previous 6 months work. Yeah..good times. Sweet company. Needless to say, October/November 2006 was a wild one for our family.
Of course, Matt rocked the house and got a great new job that he is enjoying and is now, in retrospect, grateful for the change. As expected, it is a much better move for our family and a great new challenge for him. However, for months we were still dealing with the old company and trying to fight for his money. Dealing with lawyers, Department of Labor, etc. It was draining and annoying to be using our energy towards things that were just plain owed to us by law.
And then...a check arrived yesterday! They finally paid him what they owed him. No more dealing with lawyers, crappy companies, whack jobs, etc. We are done! The good guy CAN finish first! The world is fair when people do everything right (sometimes)! And I also have to give a shout out to the Department of Labor and Wages. They fought for our money like crazy and had wonderful customer service. They got further than a lawyer did and I highly recommend your state's Department of Labor if you find yourself in a bad work situation.
So let us breathe and move on and say "Whoooo!" It's over!!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Go Tommy Go!

Tommy's teeth are coming in fast and furiously, as expected. #3 on bottom cut through yesterday. He is a little weepy but overall doing pretty well with it. As with Lucy, he continues to sleep like a rock star at night, despite the teeth action. I am lucky!!
I have been working on waving to him the past week or so. He loves when I wave and say, "Hi Tommy!" He smiles this huge smile when I do it. And then, this morning, when I waved and said "Hi Tommy!" - I got my first wave back! And then he waved to Lucy! Fun!
Last night was his first swimming class. Besides him acting tired (it ends at his bedtime), he did great. No worries, no fears and just kind of hung out. I think he thought he was just taking one big bath!
That Tomma Shamma is a movin' and a shakin' I tell ya...

Saturday, January 27, 2007

It's a Personal Decision...

A lot of thoughts running through my mind the past couple of days. There have been some hot topics in the news over the past week. Oprah ran a show the other day about stay at home moms vs. working moms. This is an age old debate that can fuel a lot of fire, but I wanted to share my thoughts on this for my kids. So, here are my thoughts, kids...
I love being a stay at home mom. I mean, it truly is the hardest job I have ever done, but I really, really love it. I knew as soon as I had Lucy that it was what I wanted to do. I went back to work after she was born to give it a fair try and see how I felt. It became painfully clear about two weeks into it, that it wasn't going to be MY choice. I have never regretted it for one moment. I knew and felt it in my heart and gut that it was what I was supposed to do. Not forever, by any means, but for this short amount of time, while the kids are small. We struggle financially, but overall I feel we are very lucky that we are able to do this.
I do not judge those who work - I understand their choice and their reasons. Many don't have choices, due to finances. Some like the balance of a work and home combo. I get it and appreciate it.
O.k. so I'll admit, I have been offended a couple of times by people who haven't meant it. I don't like when people say they need to go back to work to get rid of "baby brain." I take that as "you aren't using your brain efficiently when you are home caring for kids." I think if you are doing it RIGHT (to me this means creatively - with energy and fun and attentiveness to your kids), you are using your brain. In fact, all of my BEST skills as a human being are being utilized every day as a mom (creativity, art, music, playing, negotiation, etc.), as opposed to a marketing director in a cubicle. But that's just me. I will use those marketing skills again. In fact, I look forward to it. I actually liked working. Just not right now.
For us, we look at this time as a blip on the radar of a long life. A short amount of time and a financial sacrifice that we are willing to make. Through the chaos of the every day, there are "kodak moments" happening all day long with these two kiddos and I am lucky to be a part of it.
One thing I know is this: It is a COMPLETELY personal decision that only that family can decide for themselves. What might be right for one family is not right for another and I respect that. Everyone should respect that. So there you have it, for the record. Sorry if I have offended, but that's my perspective.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Perfect, Winter Morning...

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

It Never Fails...

Whenever Matt goes on a trip, it seems things always "happen."
One year, when he headed off to deer camp for a week, the pipes clogged up and I had to have creepy RotoRooter guy out here. Another year, we had a landscape project go terribly, terribly wrong and I was yelling at ridic worker dudes in my front yard smoking the chronic and eating Taco Bell while we paid for their services. Other times, Lucy seems to always do something wacko and out of character for me to deal with. Or, the computer stops working. Or, the laundry machine stops working. You get the picture.
This week, my cross to bear is a sicko Tommy. Poor little guy. Off and on fever, lethargic, needy and overall miserable. Oh and yesterday, the fax machine wasn't working, and the only 20 minutes I had to myself was spent talking to someone at Dell. And the upstairs TV started acting up Sunday night. And Lucy yelled at 10 p.m. for me the last two nights and wouldn't settle down for bed. Randomness. Oh yeah, and she pooped out of the side of her pull-up yesterday during nap. Poop on floor, carpet, bed, her, etc. Multiple baths. Lots of snot. Good times....
It's interesting how your perspective changes. Last week I was all, "Oh Matt, we will sure miss you!" Today it's, "Let's pray to the sweet lord no one else poops, hurls or something breaks today. I just can't do one more bath." Good times.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Get to Know Him...

In case you are interested in learning more about Barack, this is a nice way to do it.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Operation Firm Up...

Since I live in Michigan, I was lucky I was able to run outside until early January. We have had an unusually warm winter, until last week hit. Now it's back to the normal gloomy, cold, snowy and cloudy Michigan winter. That means back down to the lame-o basement for treadmill city. However, fear not! I am recommitting to FIRMING UP for summer 2007! I have been a cardio junkie the past 10 months since having Tommy, and it's about time I start doing weights, sit ups, push ups and various ab strengtheners. I think it will be the only way I can get the loose skin to firm up a tad. I went to a boot camp aerobics class with my friend last Friday, and kind of stole some moves from the instructor I am doing along with the treadmill. I am also doing "bursts" on the treadmill, like really high inclines and walking/running/sprinting combos. I also dusted off my old Taebo video from 1999 and did that workout the other morning. I was really sore by evening so that must be a sign that I am shaking things up! So perhaps, by changing it up and using different muscle groups every day, it will help me get firm. I don't know if the "post-baby extra belly skin" ever really goes away, but I am motivated to try and see if it can happen.
I'm not quite sure why I am writing about this, but I think just putting it out there will help me feel more accountable to this new commitment!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Static Head Tommy

So cute I pretty much want to eat his face off when I watch it...

Edit: Maybe you can watch it now, if you cut and paste this address below? Kind of annoying though...let me know Peeps! :)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My Little Pony Gone Wild?

I have mentioned before how Lucy likes to create new names for things...names that have never been used before. God forbid a doll be named Sally or a bear be named Mo. Yesterday morning, she came bounding downstairs, and came right up to me with her My Little Pony...

"Do you want to know his name, mom? It's Pee Pee Weiner!"

At least she's calling it a "he," so that makes sense then.

Monday, January 15, 2007

The Boy's Booty....

Tommy has had a rough week. We thought he had a cold (runny nose) but it never developed into anything else. Then, he started pooping. And pooping. Poor little guy started going 6 times a day! It was impossible to keep up with the action down there so inevitably, he got a VERY bad diaper rash. It was so bad, I let him flail around the family room naked with pee flying - anything to make it better. Everyone was telling me it was teeth so we just kept waiting and wondering...and then, yesterday afternoon, Matt stuck his finger in his lower gums and THERE WAS A SHARP TOOTH POKING OUT! Halleluiah..the kid is 10 months old and he's got one!
Another great thing I have to make note of, is that he is LOVING saying Mama. Now, when he wakes up in his crib..he likes to stand up and call out for me. Then, when I walk in, he starts flailing his arms everywhere in joy, due to my appearance.
Lucy just keeps becoming a bigger and bigger girl. Makes me sad but proud. The things that fly out of her mouth kill me on an hourly basis. Last night, she proceeded to tell me her full name and then made a song up about her name and her brother Tommy on the guitar. I mean, full on strumming and song-making-up action. Tonight I head out to my first preschool registration night. From the sounds of it, it's going to be nutty! People waiting in line for hours, etc. How obnoxious. I am not buying into it and only getting there slightly early. The more I dig at moms for their thoughts (because I am obnoxious and like to ask them what their deal is so it makes them stop and think), the more I find out there is no real reason or thought process behind "the preschool sign up frenzy." It's all a bunch of hype.

Friday, January 12, 2007

The Fluffy Kitty in the Road...

Last Saturday morning, my friend and I went for an early morning walk around the lake. One section of the trail had us walking parallel with a road. On this early, foggy morning, I vaguely saw a fluffy thing on the side of the road ahead of us. As we got closer, I realized that this fluffy thing was, in fact, a little kitty who had been hit by a car recently. I say recently, because she looked like she was sleeping on the side of the road - no yuckiness. As we passed her, I held back tears. My friend (not an animal lover) said it was sad and moved on..but I kept thinking I had to do something for this poor little kitty. It was someone's pet, for sure. Not that ugly, non-fluffy kitties can't be someone's pet. But clearly, this pet was well cared for and had just had a bad night out on the town with a tragic ending. I kept envisioning the poor kitty all morning. Mostly because this happened to me when I was little. I have never forgotten the day...
I was about 10 years old, I am guessing. We had a beautiful fluffy little kitty named Holly. She was an indoor/outdoor cat. One day, we realized Holly hadn't been home in a while and that just wasn't her. I am sure my parents had a "funny feeling" so my Dad headed out that night "to try and find Holly." Sure enough...a couple hours later (or so it felt to me), my Dad walked in the door. I was standing at the bottom of the stairs and I remember him looking at me all sad and saying, "I found her and she was hit by a car." I then buried my head in his chest and cried and cried. I asked him if she was yucky, and he promised me she was not. I even asked him in the past year if she really wasn't yucky (at age 32) and to tell me the truth, I can take it. He said she really wasn't.
After my Dad told me the sad news, I laid in bed and tried to think back to the last time I saw her. It was then that I realized...I was THE LAST ONE TO LET HER OUTSIDE. In fact, I remember the moment I let her out. I remember her strolling down the sidewalk, across my neighbor's yard. For some reason, that moment is emblazened in my head. For years, I would lay in bed and envision her poor fluffy body on the side of the road. Perhaps that's creepy, but that's what my 10 year old brain did.
So when I saw that kitty on Saturday morning, I immediately thought of Holly and thought, "This poor kitty belongs to some little kid who is worried this morning." So I came home, called the local police office, and told them to get the poor thing. I went by there the next day and she was gone.
Isn't it funny the things you recall 22 years later...the moments that stick with you? Poor fluffy kitty.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

You Mean You're This Cute AND You Speak Too?

He said it once this morning while crawling towards me...but I talked myself out of believing it really happened. But then a while later, when I was in the kitchen, he crawled in to see me and said it again: "Mama!"


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Already a Comedian...

Here's Lucy doing her impression of Santa talking to her Barbies on Christmas morning...

Monday, January 08, 2007

High Five!

The other day, I went to get Lucy out of her room after a nap. As I turned up my stairs, I smelled "el poopo", so I was a tinge leary heading in. The deal was she had slept in a pull-up diaper and it came out the back a bit. Then, she had proceeded to lean on her bedroom wall to read a book, so some got on there as well. That was all it was. It could have been SOOO way worse. Thank the sweet lord she wasn't in a "finger painting mood," if you get my drift. So there I am cleaning and sweating. As I clean down/bleach the walls and clean her up, she throws up her hand and says real casually, "High five on cleaning up my poop, Mom."

In other news, I have some sort of swollen gland issue. Meds are helping but it is super annoying - I feel like my neck is the size of a pro football player. Tommy had signs of a cold coming on two days ago but today looks great. Lucy is super-immunity girl, as usual, with no issues. I am currently knocking on wood and typing at the same time. And randomly - there is actually snow on the ground this morning! Shocker!!

Friday, January 05, 2007

And Then There are the Good Days...

Ahh the life of parenting a two-year old...just when you are ready to make yourself a martini at 9 a.m., a morning like today occurs.

The Scene: Playgroup at my house. 6 adults (I think), 8 kids (I think). Donut holes and grapes. Kids flailing. The Elefun game (if you don't have it, try it!). Everyone in Lucy's new dress up clothes. Kids grabbing items in the COVETED play house from Santa!

Lucy = happy as a clam and not one issue about sharing. TOLD ME SHE HAD TO POOP in the middle of the chaos and peed on the potty 3 more times!

Tommy = flailing around the house with his walking cart. Happy dude and then went to sleep towards the end of it.

Me = sweating (as usual) but that is not a bad thing. Ever since having Tommy, I am constantly sweaty. It is creepy but true. I also had fun.

I know I say this all the time and it's probably getting annoying but I am really proud of this play group we have formed. Lots of cool girls. We are branching out beyond Fridays, as well, and that is really fun. But can you BELIEVE LUCE?? All I could do is sing a made-up "Proud of You!" song at nap time. She was butt happy. Happy Friday!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Problem Solving by a Two-Year Old

The push and pull of parenting..been really feeling it today. Lucy has been giving me a run for my money the past 2 days. Hasn't done that in a while and I forgot how hard those "2-year old" days can be. We wrestled to get her into underwear, pants, coat and boots for our run today. By the time I had Tommy in his bunting and out the door, she was all calm and happy in her stroller. I was sweating from head to two and about to lose it. Just a moment I guess. But yuck...
As we walked past the local ice cream shop, Lucy asked:
"Can we go to the ice cream shop, Mom?"
"Sorry Luce..they are closed until March 1st. That's a while from now."
"Can we open it?"
"No..the workers have left. I wish we could open it."
A few moments go by...
"Maybe kids can open it!"
"I wish kids could open sounds tasty."
A few more moments...
"Well, I have some keys in my princess purse."
"Great idea, but I don't think those work here."

A Note of History and Cleaning House...

I have tried to not be real specific about where I am located, to avoid creeplors and all. But I have to mention, for history sake and for my kid's journal records, that President Gerald Ford is being buried about 4 blocks from my house this morning. We can't get in or out of the streets around me until 4 p.m. today, due to secret service and the funeral processional passing by. Unfortunately, I will have 2 sleeping children (hopefully) during the procession, so I will have to miss it.
In other news, I have found the joys of Craig's List! In preparation of our basement project next month, we have been cleaning out everything and organizing what we are and are not keeping. Since we know we are done creating humans, it is nice to get some of the early baby stuff out of here. I am currently trying to sell my infant car seats and bases and also the boppy/toy attachment. I have sold my baby swing and Johnny Jumper on there already. It's a real nice option and a great way to get the stuff out of here and make a little cash on the side. It's also better than ebay in that it's all local pick up so you don't have to deal with any shipping issues, plus there is no listing fee. Of course, you don't have the audience that ebay has but it is still working out. My motivation is to buy new running shoes because my current pair is sad..sad...sad...I won't even describe what I am running in right now because it is embarrasing.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Renewed Year or Stressful Beginnings?

I hate to say it, but I am already starting the new year feeling pretty overwhelmed by everything we have going on. Usually, the best way for me to cope with that is to just look at it as one day at a time, which I am trying to do. Most of my anxiety stems from how much Matt will be traveling for work this month and the hecticness that will bring for us all. It doesn't help that I signed both kids up for 6 swim classes this month, thinking we'd each be able to take a child and it would be swell for all. Instead, it will involve ME in an inappropriate bathing suit, ME sweating in the locker room dressing and undressing children, ME taking both kids to back to back classes, ME walking out of the pool as a raisin at the end of the night, and ME managing both kids to bed. Other than that, it will be great.
It also didn't help that Lucy decided to be something special today. She enjoyed bopping her brother on the head and "boxing him out" for toys, which resulted in 3 time outs to her room in 30 minutes. Then, she had a pee accident (which at this point - is RARE) and also was furious she couldn't "take one pear to night night" after I explained we were all done with lunch.
And now, because I don't enjoy driving down Negative Lane, I will share a cute story. Lucy slobbered food on her fuzzy pink sweatshirt this morning so I took it off of her at nap time and put on another equally enjoyable fuzzy pink sweater. When I told her I would stain stick the shirt and clean it for her, she said, "AND I WILL BE SO HAPPY WHEN IT IS CLEAN AND I WILL YELL OUT MERRY CHRISTMAS!" as she looked up to the sky in joy.
All right...damn's all worth it.

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