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Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's All Going Too Fast...

Lately it has felt like it is all going by too fast. Lucy is about to turn 4 next week and Tommy is 2. We are thinking about getting started on potty-training the boy ASAP. We're going to get them both in twin beds this summer (currently, Lucy is still in her plg toddler bed and she is getting tall!).
They are easier at the park, the pool, and in general, less maintenance than ever before. I can leave the house with a diaper and wipes in my purse and know we are all set for a morning out and about. I have graduated from diaper bags. I have graduated from shopping at Babies R Us.
But before I get too sad about time flying by, I have really been trying to consciously stop and smell the flowers every chance I get with the little, adorable people they are now.
Holding their hand. Making them giggle at the park. Reading them stories together, with each one at my side. Snuggling two, clean little chubby, healthy kids in my lap. Morning silliness when getting dressed for the day. Kisses and hugs after clipping them in their car seats. Catching one of them playing pretend when they think no one is looking.
Just the little things I hope we never, ever forget.
I feel like this blog has been pretty shmoopy lately - with lots of kid-isms. How many times can you read about the cute thing Lucy said or what Tommy is doing, right?
But really, that was the point when I started this blog two years ago. I wanted to write down the little things that made our day to day happen. I want to give this to them as a gift, so they can see how their mom handled their lives as little kiddos. I want to remember how I did it and I want them to know the mom that I was at that time in their lives.
I was reading some of my 2006 archives the other night and was already blown away at how fast time flies. It's hard, now, to even remember Tommy as a little, tiny baby and I am so glad I wrote down a lot of my experiences. Lucy was so little when I started this. Even though I have always thought of her as a "big girl," she was just a little squirt, not even two years old yet.
I am making a conserted effort to really try and spend the quality time with them. To pay attention to everything they are doing, saying and feeling. I see some friends struggle with this, and while I pass no judgement on them, it serves as a reminder to me to always remember what is most important. Quality over quantity. Smell the flowers. The simple pleasures or unplanned events are sometimes the most memorable.
It's all bittersweet as I head into this summer with my 2 and 4-year-old. What fun ages to hang with and how precious is this time. I am one lucky mom.

The Adorableness is Killing Me....

The adorableness that is the Tomma is just about killing me these days. This boy is hilarious. His latest talent he is "perfecting?" Singing!
He sings everything...favorites include "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "Little Duckie Duddle." Also, he's not scared to belt out the Elmo theme song or any other song we listen to in the car, etc.
One would argue that painting a porch and a two-year-old don't mesh real well, but on Saturday morning, Tommy and I hung outside for 45 minutes. I painted the porch and he drew with chalk, singing about everything in Tomma-land.
Monday at the park, the children are flailing and I look and find Tomma sitting on a bench, watching the cars go by and singing songs all by himself, perfectly happy.
He shares with kids wonderfully, worries when "kids are crying," listens to me very well and is easy to redirect if he gets crabby about something. He says "please" and "thank you" and "sorry" all the time.
He knows every neighborhood kid by name and is always running to them for hugs (which even the big kids oblige him on because come on...who can resist the Tomma???).
This boy is absurd!
I have had a few comments from pregnant friends lately to the tune of, "Can I just pop out a Tommy?" Luckily, he is mine ALLLL mine!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

The White Blossom Princess....

Happy Memorial Day! It has been a nice, relaxing, fun weekend with a perfect balance of time with family and friends. This morning, we were invited to attend the Saugatuck Memorial Day parade and Lucy starred as the white blossom princess! We threw flowers to the crowd and pretty much giggled during the entire 15 minute parade. Good times...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy Adorable Pictures Day...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I'm impressed with 3-year-old Lucy when she says things like, "Mom, I want my pigtail to have the same height as the other one."

That is all...

Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend a Go-Go...

The adult members of this family have been on the go this past weekend. Matt is (STILL) off on a fishing trip to Canada with some friends and I was able to escape to Chicago with girlfriends for 36 hours. (On a side note: Husband not coming home on a Sunday night is a huuuuuge bummer. I don't care if he'd been gone a week but there is a big difference in mindset between coming home on a Sunday or a Monday. I am just saying that it seriously blows. Walking into the house after 36 hours of gleeful freedom in Chi-town to singe parenthood, while nursing a large hangover is not my idea of a total party).
With that said, these trips were made possible by one supportive, understanding wife and some AWESOME grandparents that watched the children for me.
We are so lucky to have my parents nearby. I don't really talk much about my parents and all they do for me/us/the children but I should really express my appreciation more! The kids are so bonded to them, they are truly rockstars in their eyes. They will shreik with glee, whenever my mom or dad makes an appearance (or they even catch wind of their car within a one mile radius!) and you would think they haven't seen them in weeks, when it has been one day. They are THE most involved, fun, silly, funny, kind, patient and loving grandparents I have ever known. Every time they are around Lucy and Tommy, I just can't help but think how dang lucky they are to have such cool grandparents who love them so much.
Matt has been traveling quite a bit this year so on the other side of things, I am eternally grateful because there have been days (many, many days) when I would have potentially lost my mind if my parents hadn't been there to help me with a dentist appointment, class trip, meeting, or bedtime adventure.
Chicago was a whirlwind of fun, memories (I can't believe it has now been 10 years since I lived there! I am old!), great shopping (yeah...not allowed to buy anything else the rest of the summer...seriously.), great food (thinly sliced new york strip cooked on a hot rock! Fun!), great martini's (umm...four of them Saturday night?) and great female bonding.
And now the week begins...fully charged and ready to go. And Matt is back tonight...oh thank god.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Post #675 When the Children Say Funny Stuff...

Ahh the tidbits from the mouths of babes...makes me giggle all the live long day.
I am thinking about bringing back the phrase "All the live long day." It makes me giggle every time...

Lucy in the car yesterday: "Mom? What store are we going to? Tar-jay?"
This poor girl...she loves Target almost as much as me. She, too, may struggle to get out of that store for under $100 at a time when the only thing on her shopping list was: Face lotion.

Tomma: Plgly singing "Zippity Doo Dah" very quiety in his jogging stroller this morning on our run. I mean anytime a 2-year old says the word, "factual," it's gonna bring a tear to your eye...

Lucy on her way out the door to school this morning: "Mom? Choo-choo (creepy baby) is going to stay home but I asked Nelly (cabbage patch kid) to babysit her this morning for me."
Me: "Oh great, how much are you going to pay Nelly?"
Lucy: " 10 minutes."
Me: "You mean 10 dollars?"
Lucy: "Yeah...right! Because that is a lot!"

Lucy, the other afternoon: "Mom? Tommy isn't that into this book. Can I give it to Phoebe (one year old neighbor)? He's just not that into it (while shrugging shoulders, pursing lips and looking down to the ground)."

This morning, in the front yard after school when Lucy won't come in the house...
Tommy: "Sissy! Do you want a time out? Do you, SISSY???!!" (all butt serious)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"'Cause I've got a Crush on Obama..."

Tonight, I went to this and it was truly great to be there. History in the making. Lucky me!
Obama reminded me of all the reasons I love him.
I want him to start campaigning against McCain so we can get this party started...

Sunday, May 11, 2008


This was another exciting week at our house with a few lovely events...and due to the fact that it is Sunday night and I am awaiting my husband's rub-down of "Icy Hot" on my aching legs, I have to make this quick with pics (I know...creepy TMI....).

First...the race! It was a major success! It exceeded expectations in every way...great weather, well-prepared, no major aches or pains, and the adrenaline boost you get from runinng with 14,000 other people. I would write more, but I feel my running partner, Stephanie, really did it justice with her recap of the day and hilarity that ensued during the race. The only thing I want to add is that, at about mile 13, someone was busting out "Whoomp, There it Is!" on their ghetto-blaster and it was all I could do to stay contained and not bust out the running man and/or cabbage patch at that moment. I was so concerned I would waste energy I needed to get through the next 2.5 miles...I held back. It was so hard not to get my jam on right then and there!!

Earlier in the week, Lucy performed in an adorable "spring musical" at her preschool. Look at the little girl in her daisy dress...killin me...

Also, I forget to mention last week I got my's quite a bit shorter and I am highly enjoying...check out my large and happy face!

And lastly, Mother's Day! What a nice, fun and relaxing day it has been. A breakfast with family and lazy morning, solo shopping in the afternoon and swimming with the kids tonight...just perfect. My mom and dad gave me the coolest's a Hummel that my mom found, and it looks exactly like Lucy and Tommy - all the way down to the hairstyles! Mother's Day rules!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Car Talk...

As we head past the lake on our way to preschool drop-off this morning:
Tomma: "Look at the water, guys!"

As "He's Got the Whole World in his Hands" is playing on the CD player:
Lucy: "Tommy is really enjoying this song."

I am clipping Tommy into his car seat and telling him we are going to Target:
Tomma: "Great idea, momma!"

Overall, just a lot of darn cuteness going on this morning...

Monday, May 05, 2008

The End is Near...

This upcoming Saturday is the 25K race I have been training for since January. It feels good to be at the end of it all and I feel fairly prepared (for the most part). Part of me will feel anxious until I just do it...since it's mostly just fear of the unknown (never done the route before). But I have almost run the length of the race so I am sure, if I just stay hydrated (my biggest challenge), I will do just fine.

I was talking to a girl at the gym this morning and realizing that just last June, I ran my first 10K. That was a huge accomplishment for me.
Now, only one year later, I am doing a 25K. I can't really believe I am ready to go do it. I'm in the best shape of my life, but even still - it's hard not to think about the chubby college kid who couldn't walk the 10 minute walk to class each day. Or even the fact that I only started running for the first time, just 2 years ago, almost to the date of this race (when Tommy was 8 weeks old). 12 minutes straight of running was a HUGE accomplishment at that point.

It's a cheesy old adage but it really is true - you can do anything you set your mind to. So I am excited to accomplish this goal. I don't think I will be running this length of a race again. I don't enjoy anything past 10 miles too much. My thoughts of the Chicago marathon have faded, and I am completely fine with that. Not interested in having that take over my upcoming summer. But I will definately stick with the 10 mile races. I think that is a fun length and I am really increasing my pace for that duration and truly enjoying it.

Running has given me a lot of things these past two years...
A way to de-stress from the daily going-ons with two little children.
A way to grow some great new friendships (Erin and Steph - the best running partners you could ask for in the past two years).
A way to reconnect with myself and my goals, not just the kid's lives.
A timeframe to work out the silly junk in my head wasting space.
A way to lose the baby weight.
A way to let 6-month-old Tommy take his morning nap.
A way to excuse my love for desserts and second-helpings of food.
A way to go back to certain times in my life, listening to my ipod playlist.
A way to get to know the streets of the town I live in and the beautiful lake I am lucky to live by.

So get ready for Saturday morning...pray for sun and about 60 degrees. And I'll keep you posted on the results.

Friday, May 02, 2008

PLG Central...

Lucy, butt happy, when I present her with "new" garage sale clothing.
"Ooooh Mom! Did you get this at a garage sale? Is it new? Cooool!"

Lucy saying to my mom on a bike ride around the block last night,
"Meema, I like when it's just the two of us on a walk. No grown-ups."

Tomma saying, "Hold me, Momma."
Then when I do, he snuggles into my neck and goes, "Awwww...."

PLG Central...

Thursday, May 01, 2008

I Clean, Therefore I Am...

I wonder why I am so Type A? Is this part of your genetic make-up? Or is it a personality trait I have created over time?
Not sure...but sometimes it feels exhausting. I am working on loosening up a bit (I really am), but it's not working too well...
Please don't judge me, just keeping it real. I am a little bit nuts and I recognize that - but aren't we all for one reason or another?
I can't have dirty dishes in the sink (I am trying to go to bed with a few in the sink and be o.k. with it).
I must clean up dinner right after we are done eating, even when people are visiting (as a side note, I truly hate this about me and am trying to relax and learn to clean up later).
Wet clothes can't sit in the dryer. Dry clothes must be folded and put away in the same day.
I have to sweep and vacuum every 3 days, at minimum (but this is an annoying dog-related issue because I truly HATE vacuuming down to my core).
I make people take their shoes off when they come in my house (I know...I'm that guy...).
My email inbox is empty (I immediately delete after reading!) unless I have to follow-up at a later time. Like in an hour.
My mail is reviewed almost immediately upon arriving and all unnecessary mail goes in the trash right then and there (ummm, to my defense, some clean-up guy on Oprah said that is the right thing to do to de-clutter your life).
I don't enjoy fingerprints on my stainless steel appliances and wipe them down almost daily.
I don't leave cups/mugs/wrappers/trash in my car.
The list goes on and on and on...and I don't know why.
I analyzed about a year ago, that it could be a few things:
1. It kicked in when we bought our first house in Denver. One would argue I was so overwhelmed by the cost of the home, I felt compelled to keep it looking great and clean because it would have been a shame otherwise. And it never stopped after that...
2. Having kids and realizing I had no control over them and our schedule made me focus more on what I COULD control, like clean dishes. But yeah...I really had been anal and Type A for quite a while before Lucy came along sooo....
3. I have just been a whack-job since Day One. I remember making lists about homework assignments in 6th grade. This is before the invention of day planners! Or at least, day planners for 12-year-olds. I also felt compelled to get all A's from grades 6-8th for reasons unknown. My parents didn't push me about it...I just really wanted to do it.
So yeah...I'm a freak show and I am laying it out there. What can I do? Oh yeah, go dust or something...

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