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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


There's been much talk on this blog of the girl, so I feel I need to share what's been going on with the Tomma.

For one thing: One on one time with mom. He and I have gotten into a nice daily routine this fall. We hit the library on Mondays, swim on Wednesdays, and try to make everyday errands together fun. He is a pleasure to have as my wing-man. I even miss him when he is at school three (longerish) mornings a week.

Than there's the comments I hear. Ridiculous daily comments like:

"Mom? I was hanging out with God and I saw a lady in a really nice outfit and it was you. I asked God if you could be my mom and you ARE my mom!"

or how about...

"In my heart, mom - I really, really love you. You are the greatest mom."

or to himself...

"Boy it's a great day!" or "Boy that lady is fancy!" or "Boy we have a nice house!"

or to a little boy staring at him in checkout at Target...

"Hi! I just got this Star Wars notepad. Ask your mom. If you are good, you can get it in the dollar area at Target right now."

He's always been "a different" and things really have not changed. He is sweet, funny, TALKATIVE, thoughtful, inquisitive and just plain charming. Strangers genuinely seem to make note of him.

This morning at swim lessons, the tough-nosed Coach Joan said to me,
"I've taught a lot of kids and seen some real pistols in my day. I just have to tell you your son is a complete pleasure. He really is such a sweet boy."

Maybe I'm too hard on my kids, or maybe, due to some recent extended family comments, I just needed to hear that from an outsider, out of the blue. I already knew this to be true, but it was really, really nice to hear.

I am so lucky to be Tommy's mom.

Monday, September 27, 2010

She Knows Me...

Apparently, she got the memo that I have been missing her a lot. This came home in her Friday folder, in an envelope addressed to me.

I was gone this past weekend, having some "girl time" with friends. But yesterday, I arrived home early afternoon and us girls hung out. We went to JoAnn's and got the rest of our items to create the perfect "Ballerina Witch" Halloween costume. We wandered a store or two together. We went for a bike ride after dinner. We snuggled on the couch during the "finale show."

She headed back out into the world this morning...but in line with the kids, right before the bell rang, she said to me, "Mom! Let's not play on the playground after school! Let's go right home and make a ghost costume for Ralph (the doll)!"

Sounds good to me!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Letting Go....

Funny how you think ahead to things and don't realize how they will feel until they start happening. I am not often caught off guard by feelings and yet motherhood continues to surprise me.

She loves school. I mean LOVES school. Of course, I would want nothing less for her. She has no idea how bad I am missing her. One of many small steps that will slowly send her away from our home. One little girl in a crowd of kids I don't recognize. But it's still our Luce...with all the experiences of us in her heart. She will be fantastic.

You are walking down a crowded street...various shades of people.
Summer's harshest heat, a story in your eye.
Well speak, until your mind's at ease...
The years have come and gone and your story's still unfolding.

If you look into your future life, decades from this question...
Do you imagine a familiar life burning in the distance?

The love that never dies...

Paul Simon

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A "Proud High"....

This sun is setting on this perfect, first day of school, fall 2010. September 7th has been a day, I will admit, I have been secretly dreading since last fall. After the extremely tough transition into Kindergarten for Lucy last year, I was nervous. MORE nervous than I even let on to anyone. Last year was really, really hard on both her and myself, and our family, for that matter.

Throw in nothing less than a seriously magical summer 2010, and it was an understatement to say I was less than thrilled about the whole "back to school" thing.

I stayed positive on the outside (and Lucy did too!) and went to bed last night, hoping for the best and fingers crossed.

Onward and upward to first grade we walked this morning...we held hands and laughed and talked and waved at friends.

We've walked these streets, my little girl and I.
As newborn and new mother, trying to walk off the baby weight - 2004.
As toddler and pregnant mom, spending 45 minutes walking around the block - 2005.
As mother of two under two, bringing them both home after stressful management at the park - 2006.
As mother carrying daughter home into time out for the 5th time that week - 2008.
As a frustrated and sad duo, wondering if she would ever be o.k. at school - 2009.

"What's the most important thing about school, Luce?"
"Tell good jokes?"

What a Rutledge....

"Mom? I think you should work our Halloween party this year! That way, you can dress up like Snow White!"

Sold. Man, she knows me too well.

So this little person, so brave and so "used to her school" (her words for why last year was so hard) just hopped into line, waved and blew me a kiss goodbye.

And breathe.

My heart soared and beamed with pride - I couldn't help but smile at everyone I saw!

Off we headed to good old Children's Workshop Preschool for Tommy. The "big man on campus" felt just as much at home as I do at this school we have been entrenched in for five years.

I reassured a new mom about how great Miss Sherri prepares your child for Kindergarten. I said hello to nervous new moms taking their babies into Miss Gloria's class. I feel old at the school now - like my time has almost past.

As always, I try to never take for granted this time, these moments, how proud I feel. Today was more of the same.

"And time spins madly on...."

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