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Monday, June 26, 2006

No longer two under two..BUT...

So for a while I felt like it was something special to have two children under two. Well, not so much special as much as crazy - "Look at me! Yes, I spewed two children out of my cooter in less than 2!" I would notice that at the mall or on a walk, people were all intrigued by the double stroller, asking me their ages, etc. Moms at the play group would look at me all thoughtful and empathetic and say things like, "The first 8 weeks are the worst..mine are 20 months apart, etc. etc." But now I am realizing that Lucy is 2 years old and I can't use that as my excuse anymore. A ton of people have kids "2 years apart" and no one is that intrigued anymore. Oh - except for the creepy man at farmer's market last week who was all, "Are they a year apart?" Come on..."Yes sir, my older daughter is a freak of nature 30 pound one year old." Bless his heart...So anyway, things are supposed to be less crazy, right? Umm..not so much. We have noticed that since Lucy turned two (that's 3 weeks ago) - there has been a little more "oomph" to her tantrums and a little more testing and whining. This morning she started in on her "talking while grunting" routine to which I say, "Cut it kid..tell Mom what you would like by talking normal." Sometimes I mimic her and she starts laughing and that stops it. But it's not so fun..and I can't help but wonder - the worst isn't behind me, is it? She is just starting her "twos" and there is so much fun to be had for Matt and I as she grows in independence. Ahhh yes...just when I was proud of how far I have come, I realize how much I have to deal with in the upcoming year of "two." Oh well..we shall muddle along and do the best we can and try "time outs" and "use your words" and "share" and "Let's not whack Dad in the face this morning" and before we know it, she will be 3. Then she will still be pooping her pants or we'll have some other fun new challenge to deal with. Until then, here is a list of random things she has decided she is phobic about for your pleasure:
1. Sandals (one blister and they are banned for the summer)
2. Roosters (one loud "cock a doodle doo!" at the zoo and now we're screwed)
3. Cats (she can wave to them but they must not get within 1 foot of her or she is stricken...)
Good times...


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