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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Things I Am Excited About This Week....

1. First dental visit for Tommy - a success! However, it has been made very clear to me that we might have to take a second mortgage out to pay for our children's orthodental (real word?) care sometime in the future. Let's just say the kids don't have real sweet lookin' teeth under those lovely, straight, no space, tiny baby teeth they are currently flaunting.
2. No more pacifier! Fully letting the cat out of the bag, this was my one cross to bear in motherhood at this point. I was a big fat loser who still let Tommy have a paci at night time. It is GONE. No drama, barely any requests, and still napping (most of the time) and sleeping well at night without it! He is OFFICIALLY a big boy.
3. Next week: Big announcement at our preschool meeting (I am being announced as Chair of our Advisory Board), St. Pattie's Day fish and chips date with Matt, Tommy's 3rd birthday, green cupcakes at school, parent/teacher conferences for Lucy, her dance recital and pink roses, my 35th birthday party AND Tommy's Spiderman party! All in one week. Whoa...that just made my heart rate go up. But so fun and exciting! It's my FAVORITE week of the YEAR! No kidding...
4. A real, exciting potential part-time job that would be the PERFECT FIT for me. More information to come soon if all comes to fruition - say a little prayer for me - all 3 of you! ha!
5. My sore hip problem (don't think I mentioned because I was scared and trying to ignore) actually seems to have solved itself. I ran 5 miles in snow about 3 weeks ago and had a really sore hip for about 10 days and thought, "here we go...I am screwed." But I am not screwed! All is well - and I run 10 miles this Saturday! WHOOOO!
That's my week...gotta take the girl to stuff!


At 3:25 PM, Blogger amanda said...

Fun stuff! I'd be fired up about next week too... sounds like a great week to come. Go you! Miss Chair-lady. And Go Tomma!! No more paci WOO HOO! I wish I would have held on to it longer... maybe would have saved me from the dreaded hand sucking. Yuck! I'm excited to hear about the job - saying a little prayer for you :) Ok. We better see some pictures next week... or whenever you get around to posting about next week!


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