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Thursday, May 05, 2011

What We've Been Doing...

Geez...3 weeks since my last post? Maybe it's because every time I visit this blog to post, I just play that adorable video of my children from 3 years ago over...and over...and over again. Sigh....

And here's some other things we have been doing:

1. Drinking wine, margaritas, raspberry vodkas and soda with limes, and general naughtiness. If this is what SPRING looks like, I could be in straight up TROUBLE by June. Damn you, nice weather equating to fun beverages in my brain!!

2. Having a blast with busy kids. They just did a seven week tennis class that they both loved. Lucy just wrapped up her First Grade Cathechism program. Tommy has moved up to his next level of swimming class...and my plan, my glorious plan of reading magazines at the pool (as opposed to standing in the kid pool in my ugly Mossimo suit, getting splashed by rons) is getting closer. Who are we kidding, I will still be in my ugly Mossimo suit, BUT, while luxuriating on a chair with my magazine.

3. Doing funny work things like evening news reports at a grocery store, "guest bartending" for charities, shooting VIP tours of the new children's farm at the zoo, and getting invited to bring 8 friends down to Leo's for a fancy dinner and to spew our opinions about mommyhood. This job is hilarious most of the time...

4. Preparing for a garage sale. Well, I should say I am playing my game called, "walk around and throw things on the basement table and act like I am totally prepared but secretly haven't organized or priced anything but keep pretending it's far, far away as opposed to one week away but I am not freaking out or ignoring it at all." It's a fun game.

5. Weight Watchers online. It's not working and I am mad. And stubborn. And having a hard time maintaining the plan on the weekends. Could be because of item #1 listed above.

6. Loving the wads of humans we created. They are hilarious people. Seriously, those two crack me up each and every day. I wonder what will become of them...what in the world will they DO with their lives? I can't wait to find out!


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