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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Watching Them...

at his last little preschool spring show. Taking it so seriously. Peeking over to me when "Skinamarinky-dinky-dink" starts (it's a special song to us). So proud of his "Muver's Day Pin" he made me and the tower he made with Sam and Jacob to show us.

be so excited to get home and show Tommy she chose a Star Wars book at library class to read to him. As soon as they get home, they hop on the couch, snuggling, and Lucy reads away to him. I leave them alone (sort of) and listen to the adorableness as I start dinner.

at today's baseball game. Watching every thing on the scoreboard...looking very serious. Cheering at everything and too intrigued to take that last bite of hot dog in his hand for 20 minutes. One hand each on Dad and Boppa's legs. Loving it...

call me downstairs to tell me she has something really good to show me but one bad thing. I head to the basement to find she created a "Wizard of Oz" trail for me, complete with a yellow brick road and a fluffy pillow fest to act as the flower patch Dorothy lands in. It ends with a cute sign she stuck on the wall and crayon accidentally left a mark. "That's o.k." I say. "Thanks for showing me and being honest, but I am sure loving all this creativity before 9 a.m.!"

surprise me with their thoughtfulness, sensitivity, kindness, and admiration for each other AND Matt and I.


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