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Sunday, August 14, 2011


This past Tuesday, five year old Tommy played his Flag Football game with Coach Daddy. Tommy...You. Were. Hilarious.

Highlights included:

Watching you grab multiple flag on defense and pumping your hand in the air when you would grab one.

Watching you congratulate every player for their touchdowns.

Being very serious, but excited. Looking over at the crowd with a serious face while we screamed and cheered like crazy.

Paying attention to Coach Daddy for the entire hour and being a great listener.

Being the leader that ran ahead each time and helped the other kids know where to run.

Not minding when Coach Daddy asked you to run last so the other kids would get a chance to run before the game ended.

Being completely oblivious to the fact that everyone was amazed by you.

Suggesting the next morning that you write a "Get Better Soon" card to your best buddy, Sam, who burned his hand the night before and had to miss the game.


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