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Monday, August 08, 2011

Camping with Friends...

Six families ventured off to Pentwater, Michigan this past weekend. Twenty-nine people surrounding each other in the woods for four days? Ambitious. An unknown adventure? Absolutely!

It could not have gone any better. The weather prevailed, the children were wonderful. There seemed to be a nice balance of fun for both the adults and children.

Lucy was kind and motherly to the little ones, and reignited friendships with little girlfriends at other schools that she doesn't see much of anymore. Tommy found new baseball, football and "woods-hunting" buddies.

We rode the MAC Dune rides, swam in Lake Michigan, had dance parties and a bonfire each night. We made friendship bracelets, laughed until our stomach hurt, and ate and drank way too much.

Some fabulous memories were made with some old friends, and some newer friends that I am so happy we have befriended in the past couple of years. I think we all found ourselves having moments of gratefulness over the weekend and loving that we all made the trip happen. Best of all, we created a new summer tradition that the kids (and adults) will always remember. Sweet success!


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