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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

When You Wish Upon a Star...

Meema and Boppa took EE and I to Disney World when we were eight and four years old. I remember the Fort Wilderness boat launch, walking through the park, and eating at a restaurant. The rest becomes a blur of later Disney trips and I can't quite decipher what came before or after.

I know you won't remember this whole trip. But I think it's safe to say our family certainly will. While it's fresh in my brain, I wanted you to know...

1. Tommy found a star in the sky on the first night and would point it out to Meema each night of our trip. It really did shine bright every night and you could not miss it.

2. How GOOD you guys were. Seriously, we ran you ragged and you never complained about waiting, crowds, late nights or our 100th bus ride. You got along well and didn't ask for too much. I could tell you knew (especially Luce) how LUCKY you were to be there.

3. Lucy dancing with Mickey and Minnie at the Backyard BBQ - and making a friend on the dance floor. You were so brave and happy.

4. Both of you, telling me on separate occasions that this very day is "the best day in the world!"

5. Lucy telling me, while waiting for the Fantasmic show and mowing on REAL Pizza Planet pizza, "I am in HEAVEN!" You were so genuine and happy and couldn't help yourself!

6. All the giggles, laughs and special rides with E.E., Meema and Boppa. You always chose who you were going to ride with and you both tried to be real fair (even though we didn't really mind). :)

7. How happy you were to be swimming outside on our last full day. We were so happy we had time to make it happen for you. You did the big pool for a while, but were happiest at the kiddie splash pad and slide, and would go down the slide together holding hands.

8. Random moments with you both where I could barely stand not to hug and kiss you to death, while standing in the middle of wherever we were.

We are so, so lucky....


At 11:25 AM, Blogger Stephanie said...

LOVE that last picture of the 4 of you (and Tomma's thumbs-up - ha!). So glad it was magical . . . now you have "happy place" memories to store away for those moments when you need to go somewhere happy in your mind.


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