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Tuesday, November 09, 2010 are a PLG....

So you got your cast off yesterday....and you still sort of acted like it was broken. I know it's stiff and odd feeling (I can only imagine) but you are being super PLG about it.

You were so excited to wear long sleeve again (after a month), that we had to pack a new shirt to change into at the Orthopedic office. You wanted to look pretty for school and also wore a new skirt.

Because of the arm feeling weird, you proceeded to pull your skirt up and down with one hand when going potty - which, therefore, made the button pop off on your skirt.

Then, after school, you were butt happy and handed me this ginormous baggy with one small button in it and showed me your tummy where Mrs. Battle had pinned the skirt.

Then you got to go to Kohl's with Meema and pick out a new outfit. You picked out this ridiculous pink sparkly shirt and grey leggings that you LOVE. Oh, and it included a belt attached to the shirt. For no reason.

You were so excited this morning to wear the new stylish, outfit and go to the "Theater Workshop" after school in your fancy outfit.

For some reason, I have just found you, the outfits, the arm still being held like it's broken, your excitement and the button situation as SUPER PLG. you, Luce!!


At 5:30 PM, Blogger meg said...

PLG to the MAX!!! Bless her heart!


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