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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Broken Passage....

Well, they say that broken bones are a childhood rite of passage. For Lucy, it was barely a blip on the radar. Since I am sure the memories will get misty, here are the details:

You and Sam Tholl raced to the front of the line after lunch recess last Thursday. Sam tripped you. You fell forward and twisted your right arm. Broke the bone right above your right elbow - the humerus, to be exact. The good news is:

*It was your left hand. "I can still do my homework!" you exclaimed in the ER. Bless your heart....
*You never threw Sam under the bus to anyone. "He didn't mean it," you said.
*No surgery - no resetting - no crazy drugs or major pain.
*One weekend of a splint and sling (not a party for made quick exit to previously planned girl's trip to Chicago so nurse Daddy could be the boss).
*Four weeks of a hot pink, waterproof cast - signed in black sharpie by tons of school friends, moms, teachers, family, Miss Taryn...and everyone we have seen over the past week.

You. Don't. Stop. This cast has done nothing to slow you down. Of course, it is a MAJOR plus that it was not your dominant hand but seriousy? I watched you play 45 minutes of TENNIS this morning, acting like you didn't even have a GINORMOUS cast on your right hand. You are officially a major trooper, Luce. We are so very proud of you and how you have handled this little blip in life.

I shall end this report of the days with this tidbit of the morning:

Lucy and I were in a Burger King bathroom this morning - a quick bathroom stop on our way to Klackle's Orchard for the day. In the stall, I was helping you pull up and button your jeans (b/c of your arm). You suddenly looked at my all lovingly and said, "You are a silly mom, mom. You are just a funny mom."
"I think you're pretty lucky kid to have a funny mom like me, huh, Luce?"
"Yes....Tommy really, really loves you so much." (huh?)
So I responded with, "umm...does anyone else you know?"
Shyly..."I really love you too," and gave me a huge hug.

She almost couldn't do it (she can act like a 16 year old A LOT these days)....but it was a rare moment of feeling appreciated by a six year old and so dang cute. She looked at me like she thought the world of me (which I, of course, know she does) but kids don't say that stuff too much (unless you are Tom Cavanaugh, which is another story) - and it felt fantastic.


At 11:08 AM, Blogger meg said...

Very cute!!! I didnt realize the cast was so big. BK moment was funny and cute.


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