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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Happy Birthday, Little Girl!


Today you turned six years old! It has been a whirlwind weekend of fun, excitement, surprises, presents, family and friends. You are a lucky, lucky girl to have so many people celebrate you and a family who spoils you!

What stands out to me this year and you at this age:

*You LOVED Kindergarten this year (it wraps up this week for the summer). You are very eager to learn and love everything about the school experience. Friends, learning to read new things, the routine, homework, recess, Mrs. Turner, the playground, silliness, sharing day, your backpack, monthly homework charts, being able to walk "to the office," etc. You love it ALL and have, shockingly, never missed one day of school this entire year. I was actually the same way and I am glad to see that eagerness in you! I truly believe that is what will propel you to great things in the future and I can't wait to see what you do!

*Your sweetness and maturity. You have grown leaps and bounds this past year in your "social world." You have mellowed quite a bit ( might have needed to). You cope with things better than ever. You love us all so much, especially Tommy. He is the one you write all your stories about at school. This past Friday, when we visited your class to deliver your birthday treat, it was fun to see you "showing off" Tommy to your friends. You even chose him to give you a "birthday wish" in the microphone! Your very kind to others and seem to naturally lead the pack...and for this, I am especially proud. To me, that equates to high self esteem and that is really all I want for you as a little person in the world. Keep being kind and walking to your own beat, Luce! This will get you anywhere you want in the world.

*Your imagination...your songs, your guitar and keyboard playing, your Barbies and dolls, and the constant art projects. You constantly "reorganize your room" into a way only you understand (and drives Dad and I crazy). You and I laugh at ridiculous things all the time and it makes me proud how sophisticated your sense of humor seems to be for your age! That's my girl! :)

It is so fun being your mom - you are such a sweet little girl, my Luce. With your newly loose tooth you walk around wiggling, the pierced ears (no tears!) and your longer and longer legs growing by the all seems to be flying by.

Six years ago today, you were looking around the world with huge brown eyes....trying to figure everything out. Things haven't changed! Happy Birthday!!

Love, Mom


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Super cute!


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