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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

When I'm a Teenager...

Tommy has been talking a LOT about when he is a TEENAGER. He likes the word (I think he just figured out what it means), and he likes to think about all the things he will do when he is THAT big and strong.

"When I am a teenager, I will play basketball, football and baseball. Oh, and soccer."

I can already picture Tommy as the teenager. He learns quickly (like his dad), he's good at sports and is always pleasant to be around. He's a "good guy." He is a typical boy who likes typical boy things - but also has this sensitive thing going that makes him likable and able to hop into any situation with anyone and hold his own. This kid is going places. This kid, I never, ever worry about.

This is not to say I really "worry" about Lucy as a teenager....and maybe it's because he's a boy, but I just feel like things will be easy for him because of his temperament. It is not mine, maybe not even his dad's. I think it is a combo of the two grandfathers he was named after - Thomas and Daniel.

This morning he had a playdate with his best buddy, Scotty Millman. The conversation in the back of the car went like this....

Tommy: "Scotty? When I am a teenager, I am going to walk to high school with you every day." (Incidentally, Scotty lives just two blocks away so this could totally happen).

Scotty: "Yeah! And Tommy? We are going to be on the SAME basketball team, o.k?"

Tommy: "Yes! Umm...I think we are going to be the red team, o.k?"

Scotty: "O.k."

I didn't have the heart to tell him our school colors are blue and maize. But they'll figure that out...when they're teenagers.


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