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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Where I've Been.....

I often pull up this blog....pause for a moment...and click back to my work email, work website, Facebook, etc. Where have I been?

1. Trying to keep my panic attack under control while 8 men are walking through my home (unexpectedly, due to salesmen not sharing information prior to project starting) to install new windows and doors in my house for two days straight. Trying not to freak out when they ask me to sign a "lead exposure" form and tell me that "children 6 and under are most at risk" and that our lead test came back "positive."

2. Due to last piece of information given to me, spend two days sweeping lead paint off my floors, dusting and redusting every surface of my home, and vacuuming multiple times. Watch worker dudes stare at my like I am crazy. Could care less.

3. Pricing, prepping and organizing for our garage sale this Friday. Yep...because why not have one the same week the above items are happening at my house.

4. Eating cream stick donuts (note that is plural), pudding and Twinkies. Once again, I have stellar coping skills.

5. Feeling guilty about mothering, working, volunteering, lack of cooking...and basically feeling inadequate in all areas.

Ever feel like a hamster on a wheel? Ahhh the balls in the air....when they are floating, life is good. When one falls....not so much.


At 2:35 PM, Blogger meg said...

This sounds like a bummer. It'll all be over soon (like now, right?) and you've got new windows and doors!


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