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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Girl's Picnic....

After madly getting things done from Monday - Wednesday this week, I am happily sitting here on a gorgeous, warm April 1st Thursday with NOTHING I HAVE to do.
Just as I had planned...YIPEE!!!

When Lucy arrived home from school (she is not so pleased there is no school for 10 days and I find that pretty cute and encouraging), the two of us decided to have a picnic. With one hour before having to pick up Tommy, we made our sandwiches, grabbed the blanket and cozied up on the sunny front lawn.

We each laid down and let our bodies warm up, talked about our day and how much fun I had helping out on her class this morning. She told me where people are going for spring break. I told her about how long our car ride will be on Monday morning. It was sunny and quiet and just us girls.

"This is the best lunch I think I have ever had, mom," she said.

We both looked down at her still untouched sandwich on her plate and then back at each other and started cracking up. She grabbed my hand and we stayed there.

I know what she meant...and it might have been my favorite lunch ever, too.

I recently read Kelly Corrigan's book, Lift, and really can't stop thinking about it. She makes a point of saying that the average adult can recall about twelve solid memories of childhood. I am not average, as I can remember a TON about my childhood.

Luce - I hope you remember today and us and our picnic. Remember life being simple and me being fun and young and silly. But if you don't remember, that's o.k. too.
I hope this blog is a special gift that will help you know what you were like when you were five and what I was like as your mom at this moment.

But I bet you end up remembering a lot, too. :)


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