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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Little Brains Working...

What She's Thinking...

Everything! Thank god she is home by noon every day because Lucy has an agenda every afternoon. She is busy...

"I'm going to go home and make a restaurant."
"Mom, do you want to watch me draw a log cabin? It's hard to do!"
"Let's do homework."
"I'm making a shower (or hotel or camper) for Ralph and Emily."
"I'm doing Ariel's hair..I need pony tail holders!"

She rarely slows down and that little brain of hers is working every minute. Whether I am "coming to see" what she set up in her room or watching a guitar playing performance in the kitchen, I love to see her in action.

Oh, and also having great conversations with her brother like this in the car, "Tommy...boys have penises and girls have weenies! Get it straight!"

What He's Thinking...

"Mom? Can I hold you all day?" (And then we try and hold each other everywhere we can throughout the day...doesn't last too long but makes me giggle).
"I need to call Boppa and tell him we need Normal Man...I am confused! (or Batman is, or Spiderman is, or a bad guy is....)
When discussing the feeling of anger at "circle time" in preschool, telling his class that he doesn't like when "Mom walks around nude," or "Mom plays the music too loud in the car." Yep...pretty much his preschool teacher thinks we have a nude house party happening at our house now.
Showing off his chosen superhero shirt of the day to all grocery store employees, gym kid's area workers, random people on the streets, you name it.

Trying to enjoy every minute. Reminding myself, as I ate pizza at a place downtown with just my girl today....that I need to stop and smell the roses, sing the songs, read the stories and take the time to "look at Emily's newly brushed hair."

I can feel time slipping away. They're getting taller. Have to soak it all in - this is what matters the most.


At 8:54 PM, Blogger amanda said...

hahahaha!!! I love this... every bit of Lucy's thinking... especially "Get it straight!" haha!! And the nude stuff and the loud music - hilarious!

At 10:32 PM, Blogger petite gourmand said...

nude house parties?
reallllly? ;

but seriuosly- I know what you mean about trying to soak it all in.
they grow up too darn fast.

At 4:03 PM, Blogger Megz said...

soak, soak the moments more than anything else.

nude house party...I am dying.


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