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Monday, October 26, 2009

Creative Explosions!

The girl is busy! There has been a virtual EXPLOSION of CREATIVTY for Lucy over the past few weeks. If she isn't drawing she is writing a song or a story. Is she's not doing that, she is playing the keyboard or singing. She is a busy body!

I especially love her pictures these days. Lately, people have been enhanced with earrings, bows, eyelashes and fingers (things that had not yet been recognized even a mere 2 months ago). I love that her pictures are always happy and cheerful, with smiling Lucy's and Tommy's throughout.

And STARS! She can now make stars and couldn't WAIT to tell "Lily and Olivia and Maddie and Alaia and all those girls" ALL about it. Ahhh the 5 year old girls....the love is LARGE and hugging and "BFF-ing" and the "See you tomorrow's" are almost too much for me to take. Makes me smile on a daily basis.

It is so fun watching her grow and grow and GROW! I wish I could keep all this art forever but her 25-year old self would think I was a nut bag for saving that much. Oh wait, this blog will make her want to hide in a hole as well.
Sorry, Luce! I love you, kid! :)


At 8:26 AM, Blogger meg said...

Very cute!


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