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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In the End, it's All Going to Be O.k....

...and if it's not o.k., it's not the end.

That's a goody quotie that my sister gave to me a long time ago.

Last week was challenging, to say the least. Most likely my most challenging week of parenting to date. And that's saying a lot...since in March 2006, I had a non-sleeping newborn, and a 21 month old girl who was screaming and jumping in her crib and wanting to potty train, all at the same time. Ahem.

I can't bear to go through all that went down last week, but we're gonna go ahead and say there were MANY moments where I was asking God for strength, crying to random people I barely knew, and calling my child psychologist father at least 3 times a day for pep talks and brainstorms. And breathe.

Yesterday was a new day. We have a plan, we are in sync and things are starting to work. Things are far from perfect. But today WAS kind of perfect. I will take today. All I needed was one really, really good day to know that things will get better. Everything WILL be o.k. And can I get a "Yeah!" for today.

Tommy started his Preschool 3's program this morning. It's a new long day for him (he eats lunch there, packed in his Spiderman lunch box! Exciting!). He was wonderful and cute and a little shy. I had to remind him to give me a kiss and with a quick "ten miles!" (our secret saying for I love you) - he was on his way. He fell asleep in the stroller this afternoon. Pool little guy was too tired from the big first day.

He is the greatest little boy I have ever known. And apparently, he is a fan of mine as he mentioned in the park this afternoon, "Mom? I love you more than any moms in the big blue sea." And perfect.


At 1:50 PM, Blogger amanda said...

I'm so sorry to hear you had such a rough week. Glad to hear that things are looking up though. You can always vent on me, you know! I can certainly relate, haha! Oh, and I just have to say... how freaking jealous am I that you have a child psychologist for a father?! Dang, girl, I could use one of those. hehe...

At 2:11 PM, Blogger good joo said...

his feet look so small...and cute. here's to better days, better weeks, etc.


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