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Friday, September 25, 2009

Friends, Love and a New Day...

Well, we are surely on a roll with Kindergarten. We are ending week three on a high note. This includes Lucy's first "new friend from Kindergarten" playdate. Chloe is her name and she lives one street over. They have the exact same hair color and hairdo and they like to call each other "twins." Funny to see them bomb out of the school (first in line) and run to me while hugging, holding hands and grinning from ear to ear. So excited!!

PB & J's have been eaten, showing off her fish, her room, her basement, her dress up clothes, etc. All is well and fun and very, very "5 year old girl-ish." Giggling and laughing and hugging. So dang cute! Happy she has made a new friend she is so excited about.


There has been a lot of sibling love around here lately and for that, I am always grateful. It is seriously my most FAVORITE moment as a parent (and Matt too), when the kids are hugging, snuggling or just generally looking out for each other. Tommy runs to Lucy when he sees a commercial for a "SNOW WHITE DVD, SISSY!!" or Lucy runs over and kisses his large head when Tommy bonks into something (ha!). They have been snuggling in our bed together before bedtime and kissing each other goodbye when we separate for whatever reason (without my prompting to do so). Just a lot of cuteness that makes my heart beam.


It's a lovely fall Friday - we've got a night out tonight and a fun weekend ahead. My marathon training is coming to an end and a huge, five month goal is wrapping up on October 11th. I feel so empowered!

Truth be told, I am feeling more enthusiastic and at peace than I've felt in about a month. My "old girl" seems to be coming back and I feel so relieved. I hadn't seen the "real her" in a while and it sure was a yucky, scary feeling. I could actually see it in her eyes that things were different...something was off. Thank god for girlfriends...old friends who I could call and vent to, and new friends who pulled through when I least expected it. Thank god for 6 a.m. runs in the dark because it was sometimes the only moment in the day when I had a clear mind and I could be alone. Thank god for old preschool teachers who gave me a hug because they knew I needed it, and parents who listened to me cry on the phone at 10 p.m. when nothing seemed to be working.

Challenges will remain, but it is nice to feel like sometimes things CAN all go right and good and fun. That all this hard work IS paying off and that phases will continue to come and go, but you are still a good parent, no matter what's going on. No matter what.


At 8:11 AM, Blogger Ford and Kim Turrell said...

Congrats, Sarah, on making it through this phase! I read your blog and look ahead to my life in 3 years! Knowing that these "phases" come and go is a comforting reminder "whilst" :) in the thick of it. Am I right. Cause in that moment...feels like it will never end...but alas. When can we see yoooouuuuu?????

At 4:01 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

Hello my old pal!!! I would LOVE to see you guys! Want to meet in Saranac or at Fallsburg park one of these afternoons? Email me and let's get it on the books, my friend!


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