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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Dropped Off....

This morning, we walked Lucy up to her first day of Kindergarten. Over the past few days, she had shared some anxiety about how long she was going to be gone from me and some sadness in losing her lazy mornings with Tommy and I. But this morning, she was eager and excited to get her new school clothes on, her backpack, and head out on the walk to school.

Upon arrival, there was some nervous silliness with some friends. Once entering the school, she was ready to get everything all set up on her hook, etc. I gave her two kisses, walked her in and walked out.

And breathe. And run away before she looks back.

At our elementary, they decided to have an "assembly" to introduce the teachers, sing the school song, etc. ALL of the children and ALL of the parents attended. NOT a great idea for Kindergartners, in my opinion. Sure enough, Lucy walked in weepy and stressed with the teacher's assistant. At one point, she was wailing and calling for me so Matt and I had to hide outside the gymnasium. After dropping her off at places for the past five years, I have learned that a quick goodbye and not seeing us again is the best for us all.

I hated her being so sad and worried. As I sit here and type this, I feel sick to my stomach. However, a very thoughtful friend of mine with a child in the same class called me right away, letting me know she peeked in on the post-assembly class. She reported that Lucy was fine, engaged, no longer sad. UGH....I wish it had started out this way.

I SO hope she has a great next 2.5 hours with lots of fun. I SO hope at pick-up time, that she is smiling and singing a different song. And I REALLY hope she wants to go back tomorrow. Oh please, God, let her be excited to go back.

Too bad I am a wilting flower and will definitely NOT put in my two cents when that parent survey comes around regarding how the first day of school rolls out. Uh huh.....

***Post Pick-Up Update: Smiles and happiness. No sad words and definitely seems to want to go back tomorrow! Yipee!


At 2:21 PM, Blogger petite gourmand said...

I agree with you- I think a quick get away is the best thing.
for all concerned.
good to hear things are a bit better this week- they don't call them the bleepin' three's for nothing.


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