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Thursday, August 06, 2009

What they Do and Say Today....


Wore a scarf in 82 degrees to run errands yesterday. Why?
"'Cause this is what Artists wear, mom."

I was on my t.v show for work and she was watching me with Matt.
" is on t.v. and then she is just coming home to be with us after?"

Created an Art Fair for the Block Party this past week and just a lot of painting, painting, painting.

Feverishly riding her bike any chance she can get.

Being unknowingly gorgeous with her blond highlights and tan self. Not sure how I made a little girl so dang pretty.


Making anything a "web." This includes binoculars, door knobs, coffee table feet, curtain rods, etc.

So needing a nap each day but being done taking them.

Loving time with any little boy who will play any game with him.

Having dirty, tan feet and fluffy hair that needs to be cut every 3 weeks.


Eating and running. Running and eating. Wowza.


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