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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

You Can't Say We Didn't Try...

You will never be able to say we didn't try camping in the summer of 2009. I wonder if we will talk about this strange summer for years to come, due to the especially cold, rainy weather.

We had two camping trips scheduled this summer - one to Higgins Lake and one to Manistee. Both were busts. There was lots of rain and thunderstorms. There were high winds. There were temperatures too cold for us to head to the beach. But we managed. We were able to sneak in a few s'mores and some fun bike rides around the campground. We did see the beach at least one day and had a GREAT time visiting with the Minor, Allen and Cavanaugh families.

But there was a lot of sweating on our parts. A lot of "taking one for the team." A lot of secret conversations away from the kids like, "WHY did we decide to do this?" or "WHAT are we going to do with this entire rainy day?" and "Seriously...could it be worse??!!"

We do it all for the experience and the sheer fun of getting outdoors with the kids. Matt and I both love it and want our kids to experience the simple pleasure of camping. We love the IDEA of walking to the beach and playing, coming back to a burger on the grill and songs around a campfire. Unfortunately this IDEA never became a REALITY this year. But we will prevail. We are already talking about places we should go next year. We might be nuts.

BUT - the kids have had a blast, despite the dismal weather. They seemed relatively clueless about what they were missing with the cruddy weather. Someone asked Tommy yesterday what he liked most about camping and I was curious what his answer might be.
"Sleeping in the camper," was his response.
Hmm. Who knew that was the highlight? I guess it IS an adventure to just be somewhere new with the entire family within 5 feet of him. Ha!

We'll try again next year, but for now...this camper is folded up until next summer.


At 8:11 AM, Blogger petite gourmand said...

I loved camping as a kid.
the rainier the better- nothing beat getting cozy in the tent (or trailer) with a flash light and my Nancy Drew books.

We have yet to take Lulu on a camping trip- but if she's anything like her daddy- she'll be requesting fresh pillows and room service.
Big Daddy has NEVER been camping.
A Canadian from out west living within an hour or so to the Rocky Mountains-home of THE best campgrounds- and he's NEVER been camping.
crazy huh?

Love the pictures and good for you guys for hanging in there- despite the crummy weather.
not exactly the warmest summer.
enjoy the last of it though :)


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