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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Good Kids.

That's what you have been the past week. I mean really, seriously, good kids. No major issues at all. Just a lot of loving, silliness and fun.

I know I am hard on you and I know I expect a lot. But really, you guys are the best. I am the luckiest mom.

Fun, kind, smart, resilient. The stars have been aligning lately, and for that - I am so proud! Winning hula hoop contests (ha!), sharing with each other, dealing with 3 days of rainy camping and never complaining, always being excited about everything, being a nice friend, loving new shoes from Payless (ha, again!).

I really, really love you all the time (even when you are naughty). :)
But I beam with pride for you when you surprise me with your greatness.


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