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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What Come Naturally....

For a long time, we have had a hunch that Lucy is going to embrace and excel in sports. Matt and I were athletes and loved every minute of it. Our kids are built strong and just look like they have little athlete bodies.

Lucy's first official "sport" began yesterday, with the start of "Soccer Camp." Seeing her geared up in her shin guards and cleats was adorable.

But today, when I went to pick her up, she came waltzing off the field with a sweaty brow and a dirty t-shirt, all while "high-fiving" the counselors. She was bringin' it...and I was so very proud.

Three separate people have come up to me the last 2 mornings, just to tell me how good Lucy did or how well she kicks. I haven't had the time to stay and watch the last two days but it is a priority tomorrow.

I can tell she is confident and having fun. I have to admit that I really want my kids to do whatever THEY decide they want to do in school...but to have two kids playing sports they excel in is right up there with good grades for me. I admit it! Go kiddos!


At 4:55 PM, Blogger amanda said...

WOO HOO!! That's awesome! So proud... I can only imagine how you must be feeling ;) So cool.

At 8:13 PM, Blogger meg said...

woo! Super cute!! I am jealous, I've always thought I would have been good in soccer - especially if I started at age 5! Go Lucy!


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