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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Determined to Ride...Determined to Hold...

In the world of a determined girl who is newly five years old, Lucy has decided to take off the training wheels of her bike.

She has mastered the balance, and is even now able to get on and off the bike, "starting it up" without one of us holding on to it for her. We have successfully biked to the ice cream shop and a friend's house in the past two days, without issue.

She is so proud of herself, it is great to see her beaming with pride. Just another step further into the world of "all grown up."

Next up? Learning to tie her own shoelaces. She is almost as determined to do this, as she was the whole "no training wheels" thing. Funny how things come along like this and it's years old.

Other interesting topics come up as well, such as:

WHEN CAN I GET ME EARS PIERCED (a daily question at our house)?? and
"Mom? I would like some clothes that are fashion."
I think she means "fashionable."

But even still, she sometimes likes me to pick her up to walk her up to bed, when she is tired, etc. To be honest, she is almost too heavy to pick up anymore. This makes me terribly sad. She is 46 lbs. and I really have to work hard to carry her very far at all. This seems crazy to me - I have been carrying this girl for five years. It used to be nothing a split second ago.

How can she almost be too heavy? When will she stop asking me to hold her?

Why is this all going so fast?


So I run and run and run...because of that marathon thing I am training for in 10 weeks.

And I think about everything going on in my life. This song says it all for me this summer. I am mildly obsessed. I recommend you download it onto your itunes and begin to immediately enjoy and be inspired.


At 3:00 PM, Blogger amanda said...

Excellent post, Sarah. This is one I'm hoping that you'll put in her book - I'm assuming you have a book for her ;) And the line, "Why is this all going so fast?" Makes me cry every time I read it. Excellent post, my friend.

Looking forward to catching up when I get home!


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