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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tid Bits for Busy Summer Days...

The kids have been flailing and I have been flailing. The summer is in "full steam ahead" mode, and it is both exciting and exhausting! Yesterday was a crazy day for them.

First up, Farm Camp. I can't stand their tan little bodies, greased up with sunscreen and full of excitement as they walk to camp with their backpacks on.
So. dang. cute. Sometimes I still hold back tears when I see them hold hands.

Next up? Moms headed to work so the kids had a few hours with the regular sitter, Miss Molly. Miss Molly is the best and never ceases to bring exciting adventures with her. On this afternoon, it was large bubble making machines (blue for Tommy, pink for Luce, of course).

Finale? We headed to an Indigo Girls concert (SO GREAT!) while Meema and Boppa handled dinner, ice cream, baths and bedtime. While they snuggled on the couch and Tommy sat between my parents, he spontaneously announced, "I both love you." Typical Tomma.

They must have been exhausted. But man, they are lucky, lucky kids!

What does this afternoon bring?

Lucy is creating cards for Matt and I. The twist that I love? She created "buttons" on the card for us to push and when I push it, she breaks out into a ditty that goes, "IIIII love you moooommm!"

And then we both laugh our guts out about it. What a girl!


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