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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Weekend with the Kids...

Matt was off on his annual May fishing trip this past weekend. And by weekend, I mean Thursday night to Monday afternoon. :)

We had no major plans to speak of. I was kind of "winging it," with some friends out of town, others had plans, and a wide-open weekend.

So we went to a cute little art fair Saturday morning and got our faces painted, and to a concert at our local library that night. We went to Target and had popcorn and checked everything out and laughed. We went swimming at the gym pool and then played outside for a long time. We did Play-Doh and emptied out our toy boxes to discover hidden treasures. We made gifts for Dad's homecoming and wrote letters.

As I was bathing them one night, and we were talking about our days and I was telling them how much I loved them for the 400th time, I stopped and looked around.

I never imagined me as a mom, before I was one. I had a feeling I was going to love it and I had a feeling I would be good at it, but I still didn't really know what it would be all about.

Just five years ago, the thought of entertaining a 3 and 4 year old, by myself - would have scared me to death. Many of my posts say the same thing over and over again but I have to do it: I am so lucky and grateful for these two little people. I am proud of myself for being a good mom and plowing ahead with life.

Because they count on me for their everything and if I think about it too hard, it's still pretty scary. Because I think that the reason they are fun, interesting people is due (in just a tiny way) to the way I am doing this job as their mom. I never knew I could do this. But I am just doing it.

It's kind of like a long run you tried not to think about until the moment came. You weren't real sure you could do it but you started moving your legs anyway and before you knew it, you had 10 miles behind you with some energy left.

Suddenly, it's Monday morning and back to school. Tommy says to me, spontaneously, from the back seat, "Mom? You are the greatest mom."

And I plow ahead.


At 9:31 AM, Blogger meg said...

woooooo! good times.


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