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Friday, April 17, 2009

The First Meeting...

Yesterday morning, we attended our first "Kindergarten meeting" for Lucy's big entrance this fall. I was, yet again, nothing but impressed. They teachers seem great (young, perky, knowledgeable!), the principals are over the top (Lucy can visit us anytime in August for a "practice run!") and everyone seems ready to prepare the class of 2022 for a fabulous entrance into our public school system. That's right - they threw it out there yesterday. 2022 - Lucy's graduating year.
We have three elementary schools in our small town, so the general meeting was held at the high school auditorium. They made a point to mention to us that our child's life at their school begins and ends in that room. First Kindergarten meeting - high school auditorium. Graduation in 2022 - high school auditorium.
So surreal to imagine. What will the next 13 years bring us? What in the world will Lucy and Tommy experience "be like" at school and where will they flourish?
I couldn't help but let my head wander as I looked around at this state of the art, new expansion in our already lovely high school.
I have high hopes for them - and I am so excited. They both love school like nothing I have ever seen. We talk about Kindergarten daily and discuss everything from new friends, to "big kid playgrounds," to how she will wear her hair, to wondering what her teacher will look like.
If I have any worries at all, I guess my only real "worries" lie around the social aspects of the girls at school...I hear the playground can be a bit rough and that some girls with older siblings can give the little ones an earful. Ahhh...can't protect them forever, I suppose. I can only hope I've raised a kind, empathetic girl with high self-esteem and keep enforcing those concepts every day.
I don't really know what the next 13 years will bring Lucy at school...but I know it will be a fun adventure I never expected, just like the past five years have been.


At 11:59 AM, Blogger amanda said...

Isn't it exciting to think about their school years? The conversations you'll have and the things they'll learn. What kind of kid they'll be and what interests they'll have. This is such a fun ride to be along on.

At 1:26 PM, Blogger Nine Months And Forever said...

Sarah, Yes! 13 miles will be an easy run for you when you are in your training for the marathon. You will look forward to a 13 mile day!!!! You will be great, just stick to your training schedule and take good care of your body. You need fuel for your system to be powerful!!!! :) Maria D.


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