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Monday, January 26, 2009

Just some Monday action...

A list shall do for today, for I feel too many topics in my bubbling brain!
1. Had a great weekend. You know the kind where you have just the right amount of girlfriend time, quality family time, "me time," and hanging around doing nothing time? THAT was this weekend for me.
2. Potty training...well, it's coming. When Tomma is at home, he does fantastic. When he is somewhere else with any distractions, everything falls apart. Mysteriously, he stays dry and goes potty at school or the gym. But take him to a friend's house or his grandparents and it's like he completely forgets what we have been working on. And the poop thing...bless his heart, that could be a while. Ugh...oh well, we are definatly getting there! I guess it just won't be 100% in 5 days like Lucy was. More like 50% there in 3 days and um...the other 50% TBD. But soon! Soon!
3. I have gone back to using my Bare Minerals foundation and mineral veil (was just lazy and didn't use it) and I forgot how much I actually enjoy it and how much nicer it makes my face look! My face melodrama last week was lame...
4. Lucy and I are growing our hair out. Stay tuned....we should have ponytails by 2011. In the meantime, we will both be rocking a puffy bob.
5. Revolutionary Road is really good. However, I recommend going with a girlfriend and not your husband. I also need to see Slumdog Millionaire and Benjamin Buttons. Any reviews out there?
6. Lucy and I love that Olivia now has a show on TV! We love Olivia!
7. Anyone else have the "financial smackdown" situation every single January? Oh, wait, that's just us?
We like to call it the: "Great, we had a large hole in our front yard and then had Christmas two weeks later" situation.
Or this year it's the: "Who the hell did we think we were buying bedroom furniture for the kids, then going to Disney two months later and then having Christmas 3 months later?" situation.
Oh wait, that's just us? Ahhh....
8. I love my friend Amy Branch, who I was lucky enough to visit with yesterday after not seeing each other for 2 YEARS! Nothing is better than getting together with an old friend and having it feel like you saw each other just a few days earlier. That is a true friend.
9. Is is the last week of January. The LAST week of JANUARY! Does that mean we are over 50% done with winter? I believe it DOES!! WHOOO!
10. Thank god for the gym swimming pool. It has saved our winter afternoons. Off we go again!


At 3:28 PM, Blogger k said...

Okay, so Amy Branch totally shared with me last night that you and I: a) Belong to the same gym and b) swim in the same indoor pool.

Yeah, I'm the one with the baby who doesn't match its mother. Ha! That made me laugh.

I promise to reintroduce myself if Ezra and I see you there.

At 3:51 PM, Blogger loveball said...

aw Sarah...I love you too! I totally felt the same way. It was as if no time had passed. We have completely different lives but still have so much in common. You looked fantastic and are inspiring to me in many ways. I will be carefully analyzing my celebrity mags and blogs to assist you with your fantasy league - this is a project I can totally get into!

At 1:56 PM, Blogger amanda said...

#7 YES. We call it financial lockdown. Every January. Thank goodness for those J Crew gift cards hiding in my purse from Christmas.


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