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Monday, December 01, 2008

A List of Thoughts for the Day....

1. Woke up ecstatic the kids had school and it was a new, non-holiday week! Unfortunately, one hour later, they canceled school. I was not happy...not happy at all. Furious, in fact. Couldn't get over it all day. Still so mad...
O.k. moving on...sort of.

2. For those of you who care, I have officially lost 3 pounds in the last 3 weeks on the Weight Watchers Core plan. I would love to lose 5 more by mid-January. We will see if it happens. It is VERY tough to hold to the diet after a weekend "off the wagon." Ugh....I hate diets. Now I get why I have never been on one in my life.

3. Thank you, Stephanie, for recommending a swim with the kids at the gym pool as a great, fun way to kill 2 hours! It went splendidly and the kids were so PLG happy about it. I am definately going to make it part of our winter weather routine to visit at least once a week.

4. December plans are so fun and festive! I am already excited to make Christmas Eve dinner! The house is decorated and the gifts are all purchased. However, I have zero plans for January or February as of yet. This could be bad. Note to self: Must research fun weekend options to avoid a post-holiday depressive state.

5. Did you happen to catch Britney's special on MTV last night? It was an interesting documentary and at the end of it, I just felt pretty bad for her. Such a bizarre, sad, lonely life. I did manage to gain a new respect for her, I suppose.

6. Barack announced his national security team today. Interesting crew...will I ever get used to Hillary as Secretary of State? So sometimes feels like I am watching a movie and I can't believe this is all really happening.

I guess that's it for the day...let's all pray for preschool on Wednesday and Friday, shall we? For the love of god...


At 9:30 PM, Blogger Stephanie said...

Glad you loved the pool! We'll join you next time (Annie asks to go almost every day - there, or to your house, so this would be a good compromise) =)

At 2:46 PM, Blogger amanda said...

Ok, I need to do this WW core thing. Big time. I'm so disgusted with my post baby jiggle. BLAH.

Seriously, are you DONE Christmas shopping?? I am so jealous.

So sorry about preschool on Monday... I'm sure I'd be feeling the same way.

At 5:50 PM, Blogger petite gourmand said...

I did w.watchers a few years ago and it was super effective.
My jeans have been getting a tad tight lately so maybe its time to start counting the ol' points again too. Especially during the holidays.

But from the pics you have posted you sooo don't look like you need to lose any weight btw.


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