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Monday, August 11, 2008

Renewed My Faith and Then Some...

Whew! A successful camping weekend! Matt and I had held our breaths as we headed out to our last camping trip of the summer, praying this one was a goodie. And let's just say, it was much more than just successful.
Hikes were taken...adventures were created...friendships (for both big and little people) were rejuvenated. It was truly a relaxing trip that was MUCH more fun than work (not always the case with our camping trips of years past).
Highlights included the South Haven beach, luxurious ice cream, a lovely drive through town during their Blueberry Festival, and blueberry picking - a first for our entire family.
So now, we head into a lazy summer week of not a whole lot going on. Lucy is currently watching DVR'd Olympic gymnastics in winter snowboots, which of course is an entry all it's own.
So far, I'd say August is completely awesome.


At 3:01 PM, Blogger amanda said...

Glad to hear this one went well! I was enjoying some gymnastics myself last night... well, sort of enjoying. I did a lot of yelling at the commentators to stop jinxing our girls. I know, I'm crazy.

At 8:32 AM, Blogger MB said...

Hi Sarah....I thought you might post something about our great camping trip! We had a fantastic time also. Our kids are just a perfect mix. Shaelyn talked about Lucy all day long and does not understand why we don't have more play dates. The blueberries have been a huge hit. The girls have gifted them all over the neighborhood and Gracen has eaten WAY too many!! I keep telling her that she is going to turn blue! I am working on sending you our pictures, but Billy has walked off with my camera cord and it is lost somewhere among the camping clean up. That is the only bad thing about this camping trip.....the trailer has exploded into my house once again. Oh well....two more weeks before we head off again!! Pray to St. Anthony about the cord and I promise to send you the pictures! MB


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