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Monday, August 18, 2008

I Can't Stop Myself....

I've been holding off a few days on a post for a reason - I feel as if my 10 readers may be sick of me writing about my kids! However, I currently have no other exciting topics to speak of other than those two whack jobs. I don't blame can be obnoxious. But, I can't help myself! It's my "mother's journal" of sorts, so here we go...
1. Tommy is saying many new sentences like, "Mama bear got blue chalk on it!" or "Mommy, are we going to go over there?" or "Sissy! You are being a naughty girl!" or "I had fun at the beach! (greatest one ever)" He is having another speech spurt and every day brings a new, funny sentence that makes me giggle.
2. Lucy is being a great helper. She randomly is into washing cars, the basement, tables, etc. She helped my neighbor wash her car last week for no reason, other than she genuinely liked to do it. My neighbor gave her 50 cents and she could not believe her luck..."I will take this to Disneyworld to buy something!"
She "cleaned" our basement for on hour today during her "quiet time."
She is different...oh, she's my daughter.
3. I really like hanging out with the kids and really miss them when I am gone. I went on a lovely overnight trip with neighbors this past weekend but oddly found myself missing them quite a bit more than I expected. My inner dialogue was all, "You are so lame, Sarah! You are luxuriating in the sun, laughing with friends and reading a smutty gossip magazine! Does it get any better?"
Don't get my wrong, it was super fun and relaxing. I was just sometimes wondering what they were doing and randomly sad I was missing out on watching them have fun. I realized that's one of the major reasons I decided to stay home with them. I can't stand missing out on what they are doing, what funny thing they said or watching them discover and explore things. I just have to be there and I can't even stand it. Ridiculous...
4. Umm...we leave for Disney in only 10 days. Can I just say I AM FREAKIN' EXCITED??!!! Holy moly I have been planning this trip for 1.5 years!!!! I have researched like no other and have what I believe to be the perfect itinerary for a 2 and 4 year old headed to Disney! Screw Hurricane Faye...lookout Mickey! We are coming next week!!!
5. Lucy peed in a trash can for no reason other than "to be naughty." She did not tell me. I discovered it today after 3 days had passed. This is so absurd, I don't even know how to follow up with that sentence.
And good night....


At 8:36 AM, Blogger meg said...

Wooo Disney World! Those old videos I've been working on...there's one of you from June 2007 on our camping trip (when Alaina came along), talking in the background about 'and then...there's a meal package! And it includes..." - and going on and on about this trip and no one was listening and it was actually PLG. haha

I am so excited!

At 1:19 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

ha ha...I WAS PLG and still AM PLG about this trip! WHOOOO!

At 10:00 AM, Blogger petite gourmand said...

I know what you mean when it comes to being away from them.
even though I feel desperate for a bit of "alone" time the minute I'm away from Lulu I wonder what she's up to and I end up missing her.

good for you to have a girls weekend away though.


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