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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Operation Back on Track...

The Saturday before we left for vacation, I ran in our town's local 10K race. It was my best race yet and I was really proud of myself.
Right off the bat I would like to go ahead and apologize for my mushroom head I had at the end of the race in the picture above. One thing not-so-great about a "funky, fun short hairdo" is you can't really do a "day two." It just goes mushroom on you. But I digress...
I ran it in 8:30 miles and was 25th for my age group out of 70. And I was the old one (30-34 year olds)! Geez...not going to like the next age group too much...
So my running is at it's strongest and I am in the best physical shape of my life and that feels great.
So what's the problem, you ask? Ever since January and prepping to run my 25K in early May, I have used my running as an excuse to eat everything and anything I want! My old "once in a while" fries, pizza, hamburger and ice cream was starting to become more "once or 3 times a week." I wasn't necessarily getting chubby, per se. Just not feeling my best.
Now that vacation is over, I have insituted Operation Back on Track for myself. I literally cleaned out my fridge on Sunday night and went to the grocery store and bought fruits and veggies. I have been a healthy-eating fool this week and am feeling MUCH, MUCH better. I had to get it's a slippery slope for me people, a slippery slope.
If only I was technically savvy and I could scan for you the picture of me circa 1996. I really enjoyed things like meximelts, Burger King onion rings and sausage gravy. I have this sweet picture of myself in a bright orange XXL Abercrombie and Fitch jacket in front of my sorority house on a lovely fall morning. Some of you readers have seen this picture and laughed with me as to WHY...WHY did I think a bright orange jacket was a good choice for me at that point? Hey, you've got to hand it to me - I had high self-esteem, I suppose.
So onward and upward with my carrot sticks and bananas! Cleanse the body...drink water...and no more ice cream! O.k....maybe once a week, instead of three.


At 5:57 PM, Blogger amanda said...

You're a rockstar!! Congrats - just running a 10K is a huge accomplishment in itself, let alone 25th out of 70. Woo Hoo!!

Yeah, I hear you with the slippery slope business... I'm long gone. Something tells me you can use a cheeseburger here and there - I mean, hello! Superfit!!

At 10:04 AM, Blogger meg said...


At 1:29 PM, Blogger Megz said...

Congrats on the race time--your best yet, how awesome!!!
I think you've given yourself LICENSE to eat what you want...but I do know what you mean about the slippery slope.
Like we discussed, it's summertime. Which, contrary to logical thought, means extra poundage.

Did someone say Mike's Lemonade?
I mean REALLY. Where do these LBS come from???


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