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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cuteness Times Two...

Another crazy week over here...what is new, right?
Yesterday we were lucky enough to get to hang with Mama Z and Jack!! A super fun, relaxing visit and the boys LOVED each other. O.k...they loved each other for the first 3.5 hours of the visit and for the last 30 minutes they fought over a car. But that's beside the point. A good time was had by all...who said you can't find friends on the internet that aren't creepy pedophiles? Oh, no one? Then I say it! Good times!

The adorableness of them squealing with glee over this ball game was enough to make us want to kill ourselves. Seriously ridiculous...

In other news, Lucy continues to act 14 years old, in both good ways and bad.

Good ways:
*Loves to watch over her brother if I tell her I need her to "babysit" for a few minutes.
*Gets really into singing and moving her mouth around to look cool...hard to explain but I will reenact it if you see me on the street.
*Seems to really be getting how her actions can hurt someone's feelings and seems to have more empathy for others.

Bad ways:
*Cares about matching all hair accessories with her outfit. And wakes up with an outfit in mind already. Is not pleased if this outfit in mind is in the laundry, is ridiculous looking or makes no sense based on the weather.
*Stubborn as hell...I mean sobbed for 45 minutes the other night because we took her Barbie guitar out of her room for being naughty.

But in the end there is much more good than bad. She is really acting like a big girl and it blows me away every day. Her legs are getting longer and leaner. She has been handling things with a maturity I have not seen in her before. She uses sentences that begin with the phrase, "So the concept of this game is...."
She is definately a fun, adorable, maturing 4-year-old and I do not want this year to end. It is too much fun to watch and get to be a part of.


At 2:55 PM, Blogger Stephanie said...

Great pics!

At 6:35 PM, Blogger meg said...

That's fun Mama Z was there! The boys look BUTT happy.

Lucy is growing up, that's for sure!!!

The 45 minute sob fest...oh yes, I do believe she is my sister's daughter.

Oh wait, you're my sister.

(haha - no sense)

At 2:55 PM, Blogger amanda said...

Hey there! I was so glad we were able to catch up! It was great to see you guys... and to see some of this stuff you report on in action. For instance, your daughter's skills with the ole' hula hoop! Too funny. Sorry Jack was such a car hog:)


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